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I have seen my doctor today who suggest changing my diet and lifestyle etc? Does this help the pain? Has anyone else been told this?

I only got diagnosed recently but allready feel like my life is over!! i really want children in the future but all I keep thinking is that I wont be able to now with my lovely new Endometriosis ruining my very existance!!!!!? Am I being over dramatic! Xxx

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Hi ya, firstly please don't panic. Most people with endometriosis can go on to have children.

Do you mind me asking how have they have diagnosed it?? you normally have to have a laparoscopy to diagnose the condition.

When I recently got told I had the condition i panicked and thought my life is over and no children. But i have researched it a lot and waiting to see my consultant now for my next step, open surgery.

Please don't over worry seek advice from your consultant. Everyone is at different stages but if your worried about having children make that clear to your consultant.

I'm asking about IVF when I next go so will keep everyone posted.

Also I have not been told about lifestyle changes but would love to know if I should be avoiding certain foods etc. otherwise eat well and drink Lots of water :-)

Take care x

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Hi thanks for replying,

My GP diagnosed me after a few ultrasound tests, I am waiting for an appointment with a specialist regarding a lapos 'thingy'

I have just been in a panic over the having kids thing as I have other health issues which will make having children extra hard! Thanks for the advice I will put panicking on hold until I know more!!!!

Heres a link to a site ehich talks about natural ways to improve symptoms;


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the only way they can truly diagnose endo is with a laprascopy so yor GP can only suspect for now. Hold tight and see what happens following your laproscopy Good luck x


Try to relax. Doesn't mean you can't have children, because of it. But many women often aren't able to. When others are. That's God's plan. He decides the answer to that one. Keep hopeful. Many women that do have Endometriosis can still have children. In my case I can't. It's ok. Just wasn't in God's plan for me.


I've been following the endo diet for several months now and have found a massive reduction in the pain I feel around TOTM. I've given up red meat, caffiene, most diary products and wheat/gluten. I've also reduced alcohol. It's not say easy but it's worth it. I'm glad your GP mentioned it, because i think the medical profession needs to pay more attention to the role diet can play. I've also replaced all my cleaning products with more natural products I.e. Eco cover and I've tried replacing my toiletries as well, cutting down on make up and toiletries that have things like Parabens in. Reducing your toxic overload is recommended for endo. There's lot of info on line. What I would say is that this way of living can be expensive (lots of fresh food, etc) and time consuming but it's worth a go. Good luck!


Keep calm... Loads of people with endo have children. How was you diagnosed?

Also ask what stage your at.

read posts on here and you will see mant different stories... This site has helpped me soo much. Diet change can help.. iv found foods n drinks that do make me feel more pain so iv stopped like coffee and breads


My doctor couldnt tell me what stage I am she said the specialist would I just hope that I am not waiting too long as I am stressing about this too much!!!!! Xx



I've cut sugar, dairy, caffeine, red meat and wheat from my diet and felt a huge reduction in pain! It's incredibly, plus, because I'm just eating healthy foods and a lot of veg and fruit, the exhaustion I felt isn't half as bad, I actually have energy!

If you're feeling tired all the time, and sick of the endless pain and being on painkillers, definitely try the diet. For me personally, caffeine, wheat and sugar seem to be the main triggers.

Good luck!

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Oh no my diet basically is sugar and cafine! i will give it a try thanks xx



A massive YES on the diet front.

Everyone is different, but changing the way I ate and drank gave me back my life and have managed my endo with no drugs for the last 23 years.

Initially I was very strict and kept to it. The first few months were no better, and possibly at times worse, as your body is craving all the stuff you are no longer giving it. At 4 months in, everything starting getting better.

Even if you start just by eliminating wheat or dairy, you might find a change. I starting by eliminating everything! No wheat, dairy, sugar, yeast, gluten, red meat, rye, soy of all types, mushrooms, fermented stuff like vinegar, potatoes, caffeine, eggs and alcohol (sorry!) What is there left to eat I hear you ask? Amazingly a whole new world opened up of delicious colourful food, not the 'brown' food I'd been used to.

It does mean a lot of label reading if you still want to eat pre-made foods as soy and wheat are hidden in practically everything.

After a year (it sounds a long time, but I hated the idea of carrying on taking drugs and the side-effects were as bad as the endo) - I started re-introducing certain foods to see what triggered what, and what I was willing to put up with.

I still avoid red meat, yeast, mushrooms and soy where possible. I very rarely eat wheat or bread as it instantly has an adverse effect. I discovered grilled goats cheese on ryvita is awesome! Salad, which I assumed just consisted of a wet lettuce leaf, sliced tommie, cucumber and a spring onion, was a revelation, and can be created using none of those things. Lots and lots of fresh herbs, nuts, seeds, sproutings, fruit, legumes transformed my salads (even my pie eating, butcher's-son-husband prefers salad to chips, unless they are home-roasted sweet potato and black pepper chips).

I got brown rice cakes (which, on their own taste and feel like you are eating polystyrene packaging) then covered them with a thin layer of the purest dark chocolate (50 -70% is good, or make your own from raw cacao powder and cacao butter - really easy). OMG - way better than any supermarket fodder. Again, I have to hide them from my cookie-monster husband as he loves them! They will keep (if not found by husband) for about 4 days wrapped in greaseproof paper, not plastic, cling film or Tupperware (they contain xeno-estrogens that leach into your treats - not good)

I do often slide off the wagon, and suffer the consequences, but an 80% good/20% bad mix works for me, and has done for a very long time. And not just for the endo - skin, hair, digestion, mood, everything works better.

I do take yeast free B-complex supplements, plus iron and selenium help , when I remember to take them!

My 36 year old friend was told she would not conceive, now she has a very loud, bouncing one year old.

I really wish you happy and pain-free days.

Maud x

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MadMaud can you come cook for me please? I pay really badly but promise to eat your food.


Hi Summer_Time

Do you know, I would love to!

A happy smile and a full belly is payment enough.

It was, and still is a revelation to me how good food can taste. I often just throw together a quick shop-bought salad leaf bag (washed) and a bit of sliced garlic, romano pepper (I love those) and some fresh mint, pumpkin seeds, a quick drizzle of olive oil and a big squeeze of lemon(unwaxed ones). Sometimes I look at it and think I'm not sure whether I really fancy it, but as soon as the first mouthful is in, that's it, I'm all pleased with myself again. I do eat a bit of fish, and the odd bit of chicken these days, but not really fussed about it. I am a sucker for mozzarella, tomato, basil and pine-nuts, I get very protective over it and have been known to growl if someone gets too close.

Half the battle is making sure the fridge and cupboards have got the essentials in there ready. Essentials that you like, it's no good if you don't enjoy what's in there. Mine are pretty basic really, but tasty. For example, I don't like bog-standard tomatoes, I only do the little super sweet jobbies that actually taste like tomato. But they work for everything - raw, souped, roasted, smoothied, griddled. If I got the other ones, I just wouldn't use them.

I don't get a lot of time to cook, and my husband is now a yoga teacher and works every evening so a lot of our food tends to be salad-related, for ease and speed. Luckily, husband is a sandwich-whore, but whereas he used to eat sliced white bread and a sad bit of iceberg and a token tommie, now its a toasted brown pitta bread (slightly dampen it before toasting, otherwise it turns into melba toast and you can't pack it), then I cram it full of so full of salady stuff that its near bursting point. Great thing about pittas is that you don't lose half the contents out the bottom of your sarnie.

I always throw all my salad ingredients into a BIG bowl as I'm making it, seeds, herbs, dressing, the lot, then mix it up with my hands, nice and messy. I always thinly slice the garlic as it tastes better and the healthy elements in it are released better than crushing it (and you don't have to wash the crusher - bonus).

I add some tuna, boiled egg, goats cheese (sometimes all three), or whatever is in. I don't do the bread bit (wheat and yeast, I avoid) and normally just eat what's left in the bowl (after stuffing the pitta breads, again with the hands) as everything is coated in lovely fresh herby oil and all the tasty little bits tend to congregate down in the bottom.

I make it as easy as I can for the weekdays, then try to make something different on the weekends. I work 6 days a week and 4 evenings so I need 'easy'.

I heartily recommend the Honestly Healthy and Raw & Simple recipe books. Some of the amazing lentil bakes or walnut chillis will last for a couple of days, to eat warm or cold. They are really easy to follow and helped me get my 'basic ingredient list' sorted, they also show you what 'salad' is all about - it's so underrated, as is soup!

If you are in the Isle of Man anytime, I'd defo cook for you!

Happy munching

Maud xx


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