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Anyone else suffered with endometriosis at such a young age??

I'm 20 and I've recently had my endometriosis burnt away. Before my operation my manager told me she suffered from it but much later on in life. She new I was upset because I'm worried that I can't have kids but she said she was able to. Lots of people have told me because I'm so young it will come back again but they don't know when. I'm worried that I won't be able to have children. Ive come out of a serious relationship where although I was on the pill the doctors though the pain and heavy bleeding I had was due to a miscarriage which I thibk is Because of the endometriosis. Did anyone else suffer with endo at such a young age and manage to have kids? My whole life I've wanted my own family and I'm so so scared it will never happen xx

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Im also 20, I was diagnosed just a month after my 20th birthday through surgery and endo ablation so came as a bit of a shock. I would also like to know if there is anyone out there who has managed to have children. My gyne has said I shouldn't have a problem conceiving but interested to know :) x


I found out when I was 18 now 22. Been suffering with no diagnosis since I was 14. Been trying for 3 years to conceive, I've not given up hope of having a child so anything is possible



I was diagnosed when I was at your age (in1991). I think I had my symptoms start when I was 15!

With the help of treatment I went onto have three children. My eldest is now 20 !

The only advice I can give you is to make sure you do as much research as you can on endometriosis and fertility. And please make sure you are seeing doctors that specialise in Endo.

Lots of luck xx


A great book is "endometriosis for dummies" !


I was diagnosed in November at 28 but have had Endo symptoms since my early teens. We were trying for 5 yrs before my lap which found my tubes were twisted rendering me infertile. They untwisted them tho so supposedly I have a window of opportunity now to conceive naturally. Otherwise it's IVF. I would like children naturally but I have to consider other options if I can't. Your Endo could take years to return tho so I'd stay optimistic. And if & when it does come back & you're ready then you could have another lap & also get a window of opportunity xx


I'm 37+suffered since I started my periods at 12,my mum tk me back+forward 2the doc's a lot+got told it was jus my age il grow out of it but eventually got diagnosed with pcos at 19 after they told me the only way they would check 2see if I had anythin wrong was if I was tryin for a baby...so I lied+said I was tryin,after bein told of the pcos I got told I would never get pregnant....at 21 found out i was pregnant with rugrat no.1 the day before I was 2go 2the infertility clinic,then while still suffering horrific periods,ill+pain I managed 2get pregnant for the second time with rugrat no.2 jus after this I was eventually diagnosed with endo+told from my history I no doubt have had it since I was 12. Iv had 1miscarriege+still suffer 2day but wot im sayin lol after rambling on is anythin is possible+the doc's don't always get things right. Hope u's are all ok+things turn out the way u's want it xx



I started with endo symptoms at 19 and was told to have children sooner rather than later. This wasn't possible for me at the time. I am now 39 and pregnant after three rounds of IVF, as I had to have my fallopian tubes removed due to the damage from the endo. I too was scared it wouldn't happen, but now I have three weeks until I deliver, so it can happen.



My mother in law

my daughter

my grandaughter

all had very severe endometriosis from their very 1st periods all at age 16

my mil had hysterectomy age 36 after 3. Pregnancies

my daughter had laser endo removal age 19 went on clomid and had twins then another 2 pregnancies and thankfully symptoms are not now quite so bad

my grandaughter is still battling to get referral to a specialist centre and she is nearly 19 and we fearshe may have endo surrounding her bladder


I'm in a different situation but still worried about fertility. I am 17 nearly 18 and my gynae has refused to do a lap to remove Endo bur tells me that in my case I am fertile and have nothing to worry about. So I started trying for a baby and no pregnancy, so like people say, the doctors get it wrong sometimes as I'm not as fertile as they made out. I am hoping to change gynae's and see a specialist who will operate and then hopefully my symptoms will get better, good luck to you though Princessm, I hope everything works out for you and no, you're not alone at being diagnosed young.

Leya :) xxx


I was 15 when the symptoms started and 19 diagnosed I'm now 28 and I still not tried for children thou I'm hoping after I have my lap next week I'll start trying in a few months. But I know exactly how u feel I've been trying since I was 21 for fertility tests so I'd know either way but they give u them


Im 21 and was diagnosed in September of last year and had my endo burnt off although as im still in constant pain they believe it to be deeper than what they could reach.

I constantly do ovulation tests, it may be pointless but in my head if I know im ovulating then I know there's a chance I can conceive!

Try to learn as much as you can about endo and treatments etc with regards to pregnancy so when you do try for a baby you already know your options if you do have difficulty. Thats what Im doing but I guess until I start trying I wont know.

There is so much focus on people with endo not being able to conceive/hold the baby full term but don't forget some people who have endo have never been diagnosed!

Try not to stress about the what ifs xxx


I've suffered since being a teenager but was only diagnosed 3 years ago I'm 35 I have no children as I havnt found the right person ...yet! How ever like you I was told I should be able to have kids I also have pcos! So double trouble lol yes you are young and it's easy to say don't worry but if you are worried look into it, do some research


I was diagnosed at seventeen and im 20 now! its weird because when i first went to see my gynecologist at fifteen, it was the whole your too young to have that, its not possible and even now when i explain to people its like well your really young to have it or they just dont understand. I know a couple of other people now through taking who have gone on to have children and one has even had twins. it does worry me that i wont be able to have children when im older but i suppose i wont know untill the time comes. Hope everything goes okay for you, its horrible at such a young age to be told children may never be a possibility and it is scary.xx


I am also 20, my symptoms started 7 months ago, but my periods had always been heavy and very painful from the age of about 14. I completely understand your concerns about fertility, I feel the same as I would love to have children in the future. The good news is that my aunt and grandmother both had endometriosis, and both were actually as fertile as rabbits!


Hey I hope I make sense to you. By geting to the point.i was diagnosed at the age of 26 had 2 operations so mine did come back only a year later I am now 30 and going through lots of fertility treatment at the moment on my second course of iui. But been trying for baby for 5 years the thing is my doctor advised me when I found out that I had endo to get on AND keep trying for a baby because YES it can come back! Not to scare u but u need to ask your self am I in a loving relationship long term ?if so "and are you ready to have children ?but don't waste time, as you are so young it's difficult decide something like that. I do no the the pill is supposed to slow endometriosis down so it could be an option untill your ready, speaking from what I'm going through don't leave children too long but do make sure your ready it's the time I hope this helps x x x


My friends daughte is 20 years old and she has been diagnosed and treated for endo. I'm sure that you will be fine hun try not to worry. Xx


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