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Awaiting ultra sound

I'm pretty sure I have endometriosis... I had a c section with my son in 2005 and ever since then had bad tummy and was diagnosed with ibs and also heavy irregular bleeding... I've got a scan the 24th of this month internal and external I suffer with pain and diarrhoea most days but bad when on my period... I just want this sorted I can't go out due to have horrific stomach cramps eyc!!! Has anyone any advice for me please

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Hi I'm in same situation as you I had my daughter via c section Nov 2013 my symptoms are just recent since I stopped breast feeding and I have a few more symptoms too constant lower back pain blood in urine fatigue list could go on. Iv had two ultrasounds and they haven't found anything they might do if you have cysts but I think they start doing ultrasounds first to rule out other possible factors if pain as endo rarely shows up on ultrasound. To normally get a proper diagnoses you will have to have a laparoscopy. Is your ultra sound through your gp have they referred you to a endo specialist or are you just going through early stages with your gp. Like I said iv had two ultrasounds now I'm waiting to see urology and gynacology.


Hi Hun thanks for replying this is my first ultra sound just hope it gets sorted etc Hun I can sympathise I'm constantly tired reoccurring thrush eyc it's a long drawn out process by the sounds of it... How long have you been going thru the process of scans etc xx


Past few months I had one when I got admitted via a n e and then I paid for a private one last month just waiting to see what urology and gynae think now regarding all this iv got urology next month gynae in November. It's headache if the gynae thinks it is endo I will ask him to refer me to a specialist if not I'll seek one myself just don't gave the energy for any headache these days I just want it sorting. Hope you get sorted soon don't back down and let them fob you off. Have you told doc you think you have endo or did they suggest it to you if it's come from c section its been implanted from the uterus that's my understanding of it. Could be in your muscle or it may be adhesions giving you bad pain and organs stuck together so many possibilities. Hope you get sorted soon.


I got in contact with my gp few weeks ago coz I skipped a whole period then was losing sooo much blood so she took bloods and sorted me a scan... I understand what you're saying regarding the headache


I've had endo since I was 8 and I'm 17 now awaiting to book a lap (hopefully) with a speacilist since my ob/gyn says I'm too young.

I've been to the ER for appendicitis about 7 times, 6 of those times I got an ultrasound and it revealed nothing except the one time when I was still on my period: free fluid and my right kidney looked like it was in bad shape but the doctors had no idea so they sent me home on painkillers.

I've had ultrasounds out of ER and they've found nothing too, endo doesn't normally show on ultrasound unless if you have cysts and they don't consider surgery for cysts unless if they're past a certain size.


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