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Has anyone been sent for blood tests after an ultra sound?

I just had my ultra sound on Friday and after I left my appointment the hospital were in touch with my doctor asking for me to have bloods taken. I find this very odd as how quick they got in touch with my doctor. I’ve had plenty of ultra sounds in the past and never been asked for bloods.

I was told at the scan that they couldn’t see any fibroids. I had a 6lb fibroid removed by an open myomectomy in December 2017. I’ve got so much playing on my mind right now. I’ll feel better once I know why they are getting bloods but just wanted to know if anyone else had been through the same and was told they were looking for something worse?

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is it a CA 125 blood test?


I haven’t been told but I’m guessing it is. I’m getting my bloods taken tomorrow morning so I’m going to ask them if it is CA125


I had the CA 125 test ordered right after ultrasounds. That is pretty normal - despite the fact that it regularly comes back high for reasons other than ovarian cancer. Mine was 1826. They want it to be under 35. Just don’t panic if that is what the test is and it comes back elevated!


yeah it is likely to be CA 125. Don't panic :)


Thought I would up date you all. So the blood test wasn’t a CA125. It was actually for something completely different. Because I was put on a drug called Esmya to try and shrink my fibroid which didn’t work. There’s now a safety alert on the drug and had to get blood tests to check my liver function as there are reports of liver problems from the drug. Results came back low by previous liver tests were low before I was on the drug, so to get tested again next month.

I will be getting my full results on my scan this coming Monday.


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