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New to this!

After years of pain and many problems I have just been referred to a gynae, who has pretty much confirmed my biggest fear, he suspects I have endo just waiting for my appointment to have a lapo. Very scared and not sure what to expect, been trying for a baby for 13 months now with no luck and I am so frightened that I am going to be told that I cannot conceive. Having children has always been a big dream of mine and I'm not sure how I will handle this type of news :( I know I need to keep positive until I find out for sure but finding it very hard! What I don't understand is what are these injections you all keep talking about? As my gynae did not mention these to me he just said he would do a lapo and remove any endo that he finds?

I think this site is great, reading others stories really helps me to not feel alone as I do not know anyone with endo to talk too. Any advice you have would be greatly appricated x

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hi was just reading your comment there and would like to say!!!. do try and be positive for the time being. i myself was finding it difficult to fall pregnant 15 years ago and had been trying for 18 month with no success then i went and seen about why i wasnt getting pregnant and i was booked in for lap on the monday and discoverd on the sat 2 days before i was to go in i was pregnant and went on to have my son. I then fell pregnant 3 years later and that took me 11 month but i miscarried this 1 then i started trying more or less straight away and it took me 8 months this time and thats my 2nd son. so dont give up just yet and i know every 1 with endo is diffrent but just felt i would share this with you. good luck when u go into hospital x


i must admit i also read lots of different treatments that others are having on here, i thought it was because i haven't been diagnosed with endo, as i haven't had a lap yet, but then i see that many are having some of these treatments even without being diagnosed - at any of my gynae appointments they do not mention hardly anything that may be available, i last seen a gynae consultant on monday, he has told me i can have my mirena removed and i can have endometrial ablation, i mentioned that my gp has said i need a lap, he just muttered under his breath 'no that won't help your pain' - the ablation won't help my pain either but it will stop the bleeding, hopefully, as the mirena didn't help much.

i hope things gets sorted for you, i am lucky, in the sense that my symptoms didn't become a problem until i was in my 30's - i had always struggled with time of the month but thought it was just how it was meant to be xxx


Hi Donza

I'm sorry you're so scared :( Fear of the unknown is horrible, because you have absolutely nothing to work with and therefore no way of dealing with it. I hope your lap appointment comes through very quickly.

Just to say though, endometriosis is a very mysterious and personal thing - when I was first diagnosed I was told in no uncertain terms that I would never fall pregnant. I did, 18 times, and about half of those after I had had one ovary removed because of endo. As you can probably gather, I didn't get to hold on to any of the babies, but that wasn't because of the endo, it was a totally unrelated condition, just Sod's Law.

I conceived totally naturally, but even if they do find potential problems at your lap, at least you'll know what you're dealing with, and will then be able to plan around that. Or they might even be able to fix any problems.

As for the injections - they're called Zoladex or Prostap and they basically put you into a false menopause for a few months (usually 6). This quietens down the endo and thus the pain. But because you absolutely must not get pregnant while you are on them - there are health implications for the baby - they are obviously not ideal for couples actively trying to get pregnant. THAT being said, if they offer you the injections directly after the lap, I would be tempted to take it; your body will be the 'quietest' it can be endo-wise by the end of those six months which would give you the best possible chance of conceiving, if it is the endo that's causing the problem.

Good luck, love, and keep us updated :)

C xxx


Hi Donza, same as you i was diagnosed with endo after trying for a baby, i was told i wouldnt be able to have 1 naturally and was put on the IVF waiting list straight away, its been 18months now and just waiting for my appointment to come through any day now fingers crossed, its horrible not knowing and i was devastated when i found out but with a fanastic husband you just have to think positive

Good luck hun xx


Hi Donza, I am sorry to hear that you to may have this horrible thing. I was diagnoised in November after having a lapo. I had been having problems with bloating and painful sex but was not until i have had my ultra sound and they found a cyst on one of my ovaries i was referred to gyno and then i had my lapo confirming i had got endo. My consultant dais before my op that if he found edno he would fir the mirena coil which he did. I was told i had stage 2 to 3 endo and that i sould not have any problems conceiving. However my husband and i decided to have the coild removed so we could start trying for a baby straight away. The coil was removed on 10th Feb and still to this day i have had no period. I have been to bthe doctors so may times and they have done blood tests but have said they will not refer me back to gyno until it has been 6 months without a period. so hoping to be referred back next month as really scared not knowing whats going on or if i will ever be able to have a baby. The bast advice i would give you is don't have the mirena coil fitted as you hear so may horrible stories from people that have had them fitted and make sure that if you believe something is wrong you keep on at the dcotors until they do something about it as if i had not kept pusing at the start i may still have not been diagnoised now.

Good luck!!


Thank you all for your comments it reassuring to know that others have similar experiences. I have lapo on 14th sept so fingers crossed. Stacey i had an ultrasound last year which showed multiple cysts on my ovaries and one was even bleeding but the doctors did nothing about it! It's only because I have kept on at them that they have finally referred me!

Good luck to all with your future treatments x


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