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Confused, alone and scared

I'm new to this forum, and just looking for some advice. I'm almost 34 and have been diagnosed with endo. My Gyno has advised me and my partner to start trying for a baby asap. This wasn't on the agenda for another few years! But she's also pointed out that fertility decreases as you get older. I don't want to miss my chance so we are going to go ahead

I'm British but have recently moved to France. My Gyno is the only one I can find who speaks English, and I don't know anyone else with endo. From what I've read online a laparoscopy is done first to determine how serious the endo is. My Gyno here says we have to try and conceive for 6 months before I can get this (I've only had an internal ultrasound so far). I'm not sure whether to push and see if I can a laparoscopy, as I'm not clear on how accurate her diagnosis can be from the scan. She said its inside and at the back of my uterus. I'm so worried that it could be severe and I won't know until it's too late- I'd rather know up front so I could have possible treatment straight away. I'm also concerned it might be elsewhere. I just don't want to waste what could potentially be a very precious 6 months trying without knowing the full extent. Has anyone else dealt with anything similar? I'm also wondering whether it's worth getting my eggs frozen in case I need them for any fertility treatment later- does anyone know anything about this?

Thank you

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It is possible you have minimal endo and it has not effected your fertility yet I would ask to be referred to a specialist and start trying for a baby in the mean time it can take weeks before you are seen depending on where you live . Good luck xx



I also live in France but I will travel back to UK to get excision surgery this summer. Where I live, there is only one endometriosis specialist. They are not very good here, except if you are in Paris.

I agree with the doctor that with endometriosis 34 years means that you can not wait any longer if you ever want kids. I wish somebody told me that long time ago.

In your place, I would start trying for baby now and in the same time I would try to find a good endometriosis specialist. Not speaking french is a massive problem as they are not very good speaking English, and it can create some miscommunication.

Ask the doctor to send you for a MRI scan which would seen by a doctor who has speciality in endometriosis. MRI scan can show much more then USG, they will have more information. If you are going for a alp, there is no pint just doing a lap with non excision specialist. Find somebody who does excisions only and then they can treat you in the same time.

If all fails, travel back to England for treatment or second opinion. Good luck, I understand you very well. Being ill in foreign country is difficult, even more in France where they are not very good at endometriosis, at least not in smaller places.



My advice would be that your smart for wanting to have this dealt with before it gets any worse.

Find another specialist as soon as you can,even if it is private over there and get it excised,not ablated as this is the best treatment.

Your uterus sounds like it is not bulky as yet from the scan?

Im thinking it should be ok and the ovaries sound like they have no cysts so im thinking you have a very good chance of preserving your fertility.

I think you can handle what my next opinion is,as you seem open to suggestions.

One lap only,where it is found and done at the same time.

With regards to your wanting a child but not quite ready yet.

Dont let your emotions at this time rule your head.

You want to be in the best physical health for your body to support that pregnancy.

Now is not the time,your time will come quickly after you get this sorted.

You dont know the extent of endo as yet and even if there are no visible cysts on ovaries,you need to have this to ensure the fallopian tubes and ovaries are clear of any blockages.

You also have it at the back of the uterus and you dont want to go through the stress of any miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies.

Its not worth that risk.

This is fixable mate.

Have the surgery first and go into conception with the best frame of mind after that,that you have given baby the best chance.

Kind regards



I forgot to add,with regard to fertility.

Your eggs start declining slightly with age,starting from 35.

I would say 40 would be making it a little harder for you,but not now.

Im 42 and the uterus and eggs are still going strong,if i wanted to avail myself of them.

And thats after a lap and endo.

Plenty of women conceive into their forties,so dont be scared by that.

One step at a time mate.

Rose xx


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