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Three months post lap and still in pain

Hi guys

I had a laparoscopy back in June and endometriosis was found on my uterosacral ligaments. This was removed (unsure for definite which method) but in still in a lot of pain which is often worse than before and my period pains are much worse too, even tramadol doesn't help.

I also had a mirena coil fitted to help with periods pain and I was warned about heavy bleeding with it for up to three months but that hasn't happened i'm just in pain in my lower abdomen and lower pelvic which has been concentrated on the right side going through to my bottom and pain internally.

I am also extremely lethargic and just want to sleep all the time and I'm very bloated, look pregnant most of the time.

I have made an appointment to see my gynaecologist which is weeks away but just wanted some thoughts/advice as new to the world of endo

Thanks very much x

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