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Help Me I'm Still In Pain!

Hi there

I had my first lap on the 6th december 2012. A week ago now.

But i'm very swollen around the tummy area so much so none of my clothes fit me, luckily for meI have two pairs of jogging bottoms with elasticated waist.

I have stitching to my belly button and down below I have stitching in the middle of my lower ad/bikini line the lowest one is still painful & I am currently having a period which is giving me severe abdominal pain & back pain.

I am also still very tierd all the time.

I was wondering if you could help me & explain whether all these are normal.


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how are you with walking?? when i had my lap i was back in work after a week , i was still in pain but not as much as you are describing. Are there any signs of your stitches being infected? If so I would call the local doctor/hospital geini ward and ask if they think it is abnormal and possibly get it checked out.

Remember, you did just have a not-so-nice it of surgery done so you won't feel 100% for a while. allow yourself to relax!


I also had my first lap on 6th but had a few complications and ended up having to stay in hospital until the Sunday, I have very little pain but I'm on antibiotics as the doc thinks there's an infection because of night sweats but please go to doc and check this out just incase, take care xx


I can't comment on your stitches however from previous laps I know it can take at least a few weeks to get over the op especially when you have had Endo or adhesions worked on and also the anaesethic can really knock you about. I had my last lap on the 21st November and altho I felt ok to begin with, when my period started I was in terrible pain. I saw my consultant yesterday who said it wasn't unusual to be in a lot of pain during the first period after the op as 'everything has been stirred up' she said. I would also say it seems like the gas they fill up your abdomen with was maybe not expelled properly if its still so swollen but also surgery and internal bruising will make your abdomen sore and swollen. My advice would be don't worry and don't push yourself, you've had surgery you need time to rest and recover so take it easy and if you are still worried call the hospital. Take care x


I was still swollen for about 3 or 4 weeks after my lap and my clothes wouldn't fit, it was so awkward as I went back to work after a week or so! If you're concerned about the pain I'd definitely check with the hospital, mine gave me a number to ring with any queries.


If it is any comfort to you, the time you take to recover from a lap varies widely. The term lap just describes the method of operation i.e. keyhole as opposed to open surgery. It will greatly depend upon the amount of work you have had done and how your body responds to that invasion as to how quickly you will recover. My first investigatory lap was not a good experience and, although the consultant only had a look around, I was hugely swollen (which can be from the effects of the liquid they use as a barrier to prevent adhesions - this can take a week / 10 days to be re-absorbed by your body). I was also black and blue with bruising and it took me six weeks before I was really recovered. At least 3 of those weeks were not good at all. The second investigatory lap I had with someone else was a totally different experience. Not so swollen, not so sore and recovered in about 3 weeks.

Are your stitched disolving ones - you will feel better once the stitches are gone. Keep an eye on the one that is a bit painful in case you get an infection in it and consult your GP or the surgeon's office if you have concerns. It might just be a bit tight. Rest up and you will gradually feel better over the next few weeks. A week is early days. Consultants often paint an overly optimistic picture of how quickly you should recover. Everyone is different - and different from one op to another.

All very bet wishes x x



I varied in both my ops as I had two.

My first, I ended up having stomach surgery and was out of action for 6 weeks, tiredness and swollen stomach were the two major things.

I had my second last year and was in and out in a day and had 10 days off work but was very tired. I tend to suffer pains from trapped gas afterwards from where they fill you up with air.

You will find that you'll wake up feeling fine but the for the first week I'd get up and shower etc. and then be ready to sleep again. Your body just needs time to rest!

Hope you feel better soon!




I had 2 laps this year one in Sept and one in October, the October lap took me a good 3-4 weeks to recover as like you I was also cut twice near my bikini line. It was really painful sitting up, getting off the sofa, sleeping on the side they cut and also on my tummy. I am still experiencing the pain on my right side even after my lap. I have to say I still get a little sensation near my bellybutton area and I cannot sleep on my tummy so I think maybe my insides still need to recover. I have been signed off sick since the beginning of August and am still not able to go to work. :(

I hope you feel better real soon.



Hi.. I have just had my second lap on the 7th of December and I'm up and about moving but at a steady pace. Keep having a few twinges here and there but I would say that it's down to what's just happened to my body. My advice would be to just give ur self abit of time to heal and recover.. there is no rush with healing. Try to move about and do little tasks but take it easy also. I would suggest getting a second opinion in regards to the stitches. All the best to you xxx


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