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I am lying here in pain :( feeling so fed up of trying to be strong and pretend everything is ok to everyone. I am waiting until sept for appointment to see gyne and in mean time on painkillers and oramorph when pain gets real bad. They think my bowel adhesions are back to stomach wall. Anyone else had this? What did they do to help? Am in so much pain with my back :( gyne mentioned putting me on zoladex injections which I have had before when endo was found in my pod and other places. Not had it for adhesions before will of help? I am tempted to stop eating for couple of days to give bowel a rest will that help? Am so desperate :( xxx

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Sorry you're in so much pain.

I don't know if zoladex helps adhesions but I'd guess not. It stops you're ovaries working so should stop more endo growing but I don't think it would dissolve adhesions that have already formed. Hopefully others will be along who can help.

I'd wait until you see gynae and get strong painkillers in the meantime. I'm on tramadol that helps. Hot baths and heat pads can also help but realise in this heat that's no fun 😀

Not eating won't help try things for constipation - more fruit and fibre, prunes, or even tablets like Senna

Good luck


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