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adhesion pain in pregnancy?


Anyone tell me about there experience of adhesions in pregnancy? I am 7 weeks and in bad pain. ibe been checked and told thats what it is. my bowel is stuck to my stomach wall. Im so terrifed of the pain worsening as pregnancy progresses. I have taken paracetemol and use hot water bottles. codine makes me sick so cant take that. any advice or experience appreciated.

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Wow your stomach stuck to your bowl 😮that must be painful!i have endo and pregnant but can't relate I'm afraid but did have some endo pain at the beginning .be careful using codeine if you do use it get advise from docs . and possibly ask about asprin there is research to suggest it's a better anti inflammatory with endo and pregnancy

ellieRyder in reply to Afrohair

aw thanks so much thats interesting about the aspirin as I didnt know that. x

Afrohair in reply to ellieRyder

I didn't until I did a little research it helped me a lot I do get a little stretching pain now I'm at the end where I had a previous c section I have to move really slowly have you tried massaging the area?

That's really interesting I'm on asprin but i know they prescribed it due to trying to prevent the onset of preclampsia, it is an anti inflammatory to which would possibly help with endo. Not sure regards adhesions though. I think that if its the endo what's causing then its when the hormones are rising, but if its adhesions due to surgery then its going to hurt whenever your stretching growing etc. I don't tend to get Endo pain when pregnant and since my surgeries this pregnancy has by far been the worse for pain which is due to surgical adhesions. Xx

Yeah I agree it's more to help with endo pain than adhesions as can't do much about adhesions when I was ttc it really helped when I was on a period

Once you've had bubu. Look up serrapeptase it helps with pain can eat up scar tissue also. It got rid of my scar tissue on my tubes i would get terrible pain around ovulation which i could only describe as barb wire twisting through my pelvis and up my bits i couldn't do anything but cry up in a ball till it was done nothing would help. I took that for three month and it was gone. But i got pregnant and was too worried to take during the they say it's OK but drs over here no nothing about it. Im going to start again after i have baby coz im hoping it'll eat away at all that scar tissue. It will take time. One thing though if your taking blood thinners don't take it. Research it its helped lots although some don't get on with it xx

I was taking serrapetese aswell as I know endo causes scarring I'm only taking asprin during pregnancy I did take it a few month at the same time didn't know you weren't allowed because like you say doctor dosent know about it I've just been researching and self medicating and what I was doing before pregnancy really helped my pain levels but I took loads of vitamins

In germany and other countries drs prescribe it very often it helps with many diseases. I find it best to research and find what works coz tbh the meds make me a zombie and very sick x

I decided to go on a natural route everything docs prescribed me made my endo worse .though I'm considering the coil after baby and hope this will help as I'd had enough of the bleeding it was just too much scared to go out in case of a bleed and things

I get you there its hard. Remember the dates can help with bleeding put em in a smoothie if youb don't like them on their own xx with postpartum bleeding not sure regards period. I had the merina years ago didn't go well. Hope it does for you. Xx

Your exactly same as me hun. My bowel is stuck to my stomach wall too. It has been really uncomfortable times i can't walk even without being pregnant, im 23 weeks now and finding it hard to eat a full meal i result to snacking and liquid diets when it gets too much. Hot water bottle. Sciatica has kicked in too so its been really bad my leg is not walking at all at times. Just pace it out. Im on codeine and oxycodone take as and when but try my level best not too like you it makes me feel sick. Heat does help but then times you get too hot. Just make sure your eating fibre hun if you get constipated it just makes it so much worse. Sending you a huge hug your definitely not alone😘💗 congratulations my the way xx

aw thanks so much and congratulations. aw its really tough isnt it as your pain changed at all? I was told potentially could be more painful as womb gets bigger and organs get pushed out of the way. Think i have adhesions all over addomen as I had my right fallopian tube removed. xx

It was worse in the beginning upto around 14 weeks i think mainly due to the bloating. It has its moments tbh and when it gets too much i just eat soups and nutrious smoothies for a few days it eases then its always there niggling away though. Im kind of used to it never been pain free since having my son. So many ops iv had also. Drs say its definitely adhesions. Im expecting it to get worse in the third trimester when i get really big, just take each day as it comes and avoid constipation make sure your getting enough fibre. Xx

Just wanted to say I was on oxycodone most of my pregnancy and I was terrified of baby being impacted. She was absolutely perfect and had no issues with withdrawal. I have been told once you take it as prescribed and don't abuse it the baby is unlikely to be impacted. Everyone is different but just wanted to maybe put your mind at rest if you had any worries

aw thanks hun yes i cant seem to tolerate the stronger painkillers myself but it is reassuring to know baby not affected by it. sorry to hear you had a tough time also but relief to know baby was all good :) xx

Yes drs told me its OK I've been on it for 2 and half years not addicted definitely don't abuse it. Hence the codeine also. Thank you for letting me know regards your daughter. If it does get to the point i have to take it more often i feel more reassured. Thank you x

Hi. Congrats on the pregnancy! I’m currently 30 weeks & have a lot of bowel adhesions, some were removed prior to the pregnancy which obviously helped but I found that my symptoms really fluctuated, it didn’t relate to my growing belly really, I think it was mainly change in hormones that made things better / worse, so naturally the first few months were quite unpredictable. I also find that lots of soup / smoothies help as they keep things in the bowel moving - the battle with constipation was tough at the beginning (hormones again) so keep on top of that.I also take aspirin daily, I suffered with previous miscarriages so they put me on 150mg a day after the first 12 weeks, not sure if this helps with the pain or not but I can definitely say that my pain / symptoms have been a lot better as my pregnancy progressed! Hope that helps put your mind at rest a little x

ellieRyder in reply to CTDUK

thanks that really helps because i think in my mind ive been like eek if its this bad now how bad will it get so its the fear of it as well thats quite tough. glad to hear yours settled and congrats also xx

I hadn’t been diagnosed properly when I was pregnant but I have been in later years and have adhesions and bowel endo. Due to this lack of knowledge the doctors pushed for me to have my appendix out (usual story I know) and I refused due to risk to my baby (he is now 21 and healthy) mine seemed to go away after 16 weeks but I have no clue why but everything settled down at the same time ie sickness and pain so I think it’s more hormone related than you actually growing possibly? I was taken in to hospital at this time for pain management though for a week and was receiving fluids via drip as I was beyond exhausted with it all. My advice is to speak to your BSGE specialist and get them coordinated with your health visitor for a holistic plan that focusses on you and baby. I hope it gets better for you xx

ellieRyder in reply to surfers

thanks thats helpful to know it doesnt get worse as baby grows as thats my big fear at the min xx

Idk if this would help but this reminds me when I had my tubes blocked I used to have so much pain until I took a herbal supplement my adhesions and scar tissues came out maybe you can try using a herbal system once your pregnancy is over I’m not sure if you want to do it while you’re pregnant it’s a girl on Facebook that sell and use them her name is goddess natural

Oh I don't think you can name recommendations here With peoples names on. please send her a p.m and herbs are not recommended whilst pregnant unless recommendation by a doctor Poster has to ask her doctor first please private message her before comment gets removed

Thank you I’m new here my apologies

No worries didn't want you to get in trouble x

Accidentally sent you the message but I figured it out sorry again 😑

Hi, Unfounately yes it is common to have such pain if you have scaring and Adhesions. You probably can make it to 6mths and then have a C Section. The doctors don't explain what happens if you get pregnant with Endo!

I doubt you will be able to continue working but should be able to have stay of leave from Employment with the correct letter via a Specialist. Firstly due to the illness, Endo with these Adhesions on your stomach and bowel, this is called 'Bedded down'. and you are possibly Pregnant which has made this matter so difficult to manage.

Perhaps use hot water bottles very low down, skirting across the groin and warm heat across the stomach and back.

You perhaps need to use fennel tea several times a day which will help with spams, eat smaller meals but 6 a day. Eat easy to digest food. Plenty of soluble fibre. No gluten, No Soya products or any food which make gas. No carbonated drinks. Go online and find 'Low Food Maps'

Well your very lucky you managed to get pregnant.!!!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Afrohair in reply to JOSANDY40

6 month are you having a laugh !plus a c section!there's no way they will take her baby that early it's not recommended even for adhesion pain way too early.that comment sounds a little harsh of course she can work if it's manageable for her and has the right medication that's her choice .of course she's lucky to get pregnant lots of people are nowadays it's not that uncommon With endo anymore talk about frightening the life out of her

ellieRyder in reply to JOSANDY40

Thanks I dont have endo. I actually had appendicitus that was treated with iv antibiotics for 7 years before taken out so had several surgeries and a blocked fallopian tube. guess its just messed my insides up. x

Hi there, I had absolutely brutal pain from quite severe adhesions too in my pregnancy. I had multiple surgeries and not just related to endo unfortunately so my pelvis was a mess. Bladder and bowel were adhered and I was in excruciating pain to the point I was hospitalised multiple times for pain management. I was actually on strong opiods in my pregnancy and was advised to remain on them by all specialists as I had 3 previous losses and they were concerned the level of pain I was in would induce another loss. I would definitely advise asking to see a pain specialist if you are already in pain at 7 weeks. Early pregnancy is often painful for most people. However with severe endo and adhesions it can become more painful as the pregnancy moves on and everything starts to stretch. I am not trying to frighten you but just being honest. It may not happen to you. Everyone is different. I pretty much ruined my pregnancy by the amount of worry I was in every day and from feeling judged by people for taking pain medication. My team were amazing though and insisted it was the healthy and responsibile thing to do for the health of myself and my baby. Happy to report I have a very healthy happy 6 month old who had absolutely no adervse effects from my use of painkillers. It's a very individual choice and again I would suggest speaking with your midowfe to see about a referral to pain management. Having endo doesn't equate a high risk pregnancy but having adhesions like you have and documented history of the same will probably result in you being high risk due to the fact they know how much pain adhesions can cause in pregnancy. Please feel free to message me with any questions re managing pain in pregnancy. I'm not a doctor and would never advise you to take anything without discussing it with your doctors. I am just offering a non judgemental ear for you because extreme pain in pregnancy is really difficult to manage emotionally and a lot of people make harsh judgements because they don't understand that level of pain. I had to remind myself constantly that hating my pregnancy experience and what it did to me did not mean I hated my baby. I ended up in a wheelchair towards the end as I developed severe spd too so it was not fun. But as soon as baby arrived it all faded and I've been managing normal pain again, nothing to make me need Ed or anything which had been the case for many years. Oh and many many congrats.

aw thank you that is so kind of you. can i ask what pain killers you took? im just worried as they said codine safe but I cant seem to take it and think with bowel its not a good idea either. thats so kind yea it really does affect me mentally as its the pain but also the fear of it worsening and do feel guilty as ive been in strong pain from 4 weeks so not had chance to feel any if the normal good feelings. ive had a few mins today no pain makes me realise how hard its been and thought something wrong because pain not there which i know that is the opposite of how most people feel. just wish they could knock me out til the pregnancy part is over xxx

Hi there, I really liked your reply and am wondering if you might have some advice for me. I've been dealing with Endo pain for years now. Am 35 have two lovely children but lost our second child at 38 weeks, he was stillborn. This is very difficult for me to discuss. Our eldest is in 11th grade and preparing for college. I'm contemplating having a baby but am not sure if that's because I still miss & grieve our lost son or that I truly want a baby, I'm afraid he/she would not know our eldest son as he will be off to college in a year. In the last year I've had two surgeries for Endo. The second was just two months ago, my ovary was fused to my pelvis causing complications, it and the tube were removed. My dr says I'd be perfectly fine to get pregnant (I am hesitant because of the loss of our son and our last born was premature at 34 weeks, born via emergency c-section due to complications). I am terrified to become pregnant, the loss of our son about killed me. I also worry about all of the scar tissue in my pelvis/abdomen (due to c-section and 6 surgeries to remove Endo). I'm still in pain after having last surgery (ovary, tube & Endo removal) and am taking oxycontin (which doesn't help because my GP has had me on it for 9 years). I am in the process of switching drs and lining up an appointment with a pain specialist to help me get off the oxy and get some real pain relief hopefully. I'm so confused, hoping you might share some of your wisdom with me. I know if I were to get pregnant I would be stressed already because it'd be a high risk pregnancy but I'm also worried about additional pain from scar tissue. And I'm worried about my children being so far apart in age and not knowing each other. Oh,also my husband does not help matters much as he does not understand Endo and all that comes with it. Oh and all of my drs seem to be pushing for a hysterectomy...more confusion for me. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE

You poor girl! Yes, I too experienced a lot of pain due to adhesions during my only pregnancy but this was 34 yrs ago and medications have changed. In the early weeks of pregnancy, I was in so much pain that I thought I might be loosing the baby. My doctor explained that during my last surgery my uterus had been bent way over and stuck to my bowel and she had to tighten up the ligaments to get my uterus back in it’s proper position. The pain was due to the ligaments being pulled on as my uterus was getting larger. I also had a lot of bowel pain as it is stuck here and there. Pregnancy hormones do a lot of good work on endometriosis and it tends to reduce it. I hope that as your pregnancy evolves you will have less pain. Please do not hesitate to call your doctor when you get concerned. That is what they are here for. Congratulations and best wishes

aw thanks so much its been horrible as weirdly ive had a couple of hours pain free. that makes me think something is wrong. I said to my mum most people panic when they have pain but I have a few moments without and think theres something wrong. now I have had a small break I realise just how tough its been mentally its just the fear of it getting worse. The doctors have been nice but I cant take codine as it makes me sick and makes things worse for the bowel so quite scared of how to manage the pain. so horrible when it should be happy time. sounds like you have been through a lot too. I hope you are feeling better now xx

I eat a lot of fibre. For my bowels hun but i was chatting to a lady the other day and she take fybrogel and that helps her bowel so maybe look into that so your not so apprehensive about taking the pain killers. It sounds like us adhesions ladies are in for a possible rough time. I know you don't have Endo and my Endo gets surpressed in pregnancy but the adhesions just carry on. I definitely don't think adhesions are related to hormones unless its Endo problems aswel. X

aw thanks hun yes the doctor did say i think depending where adhesions are can be painful as everything stretches. was a bit worried as its quite daunting being scared of the pain and the not really knowing how painful it would be. im a worrier so been scared for that or damaging the bowel with it being in the wrong place xx

Iv had a bowel obstruction before and that's their main worry with adhesions. Definitely avoid constipation and when your bloated or its getting too much go to liquids for a bit. If your vomiting or not going for a number 2 id say for 48 hrs and really nauseas or being sick and the pain is way too much then contact hospital . try not to worry vtoo much regards the future just take each day as it comes and do what you need to to get through it. Im having a bed day today as its a bit much. Xx

aw bless I hope today is a better day for you after a rest too. thats good advice xx

hi all ive been prescrobed oramorph. not sure if anyone has experience on this in pregnancy? doctor said im stuck between a rock and a hard place xx

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