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Could just cry

Hi ladies been having such bad days as you can tell from previous posts. Today I'm going out with friends and my partner for a meal and a film which will be lovely because I rarely get out. The only thing is today I though right il get up have a shower get dressed and try to go for a little walk in the sun as i didn't feel in too much pain. I go to get dressed and hardly anything fits I'm bolted and I look so big in everything, I have just ballooned since being on my contraceptive pill for 6 months without a break and I take depression tablets because of this dibilatating illness which I think cause weight gain, iv gone from a healthy 10 stone to 11 I just feel awful I feel like I'm going round in circles I can't stop my pill because I want it to help make me better, I need to take pain killers else I'm in pain and can't do anything as a normal 22 year old I just feel so trapped. It's so hot and I can't wear any nice clothes that I feel comfortable in. So I just got back in my pjs crying feeing is there any end?

Sorry for the moan ladies I just find this site so helpful so get things of my chest as you ladies understand. I hop everyone is doing as well as they can xx

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you are definitely NOT the only one! I've been wearing baggy clothes for months! Luckily being a snowboarder I have oversized tees in abundance! I struggled to wear the right thing for work, dresses mostly because they don't sit on my stomach. Luckily my pill hasn't affected my appetite or weight, but I've noticed I feel really bloated sometimes that's not food related: Have you considered trying a different one? I'm on Celeste and although it doesn't help ease pain at all, it hasn't had many side effects.

I get you on the social front! It takes a lot for me to go out, and then my partner is really happy that I've ventures outside and I feel like I deserve something shiny as a reward! It shouldn't have to be like this at 22/25! I'm on summer hols, due to start teacher training in September, and I've spent the majority of the past 5 weeks in the house being unsociable and in pain. Luckily, the dog seems to know and gives snuggles, my little saving grace haha!

we need to push ourselves to do things! Swallow the pain relief and get outside. It's very very easy to say no, I feel blah (because don't we always?) and stay in bed with PJs, netflix, water and drugs. (I wish is had this pep talk with myself weeks ago!)

you're acting like a normal 22 year old with a crappy condition and no one blames you! Bit I urge you to force yourself to do things, just remember; sitting in the cinema is the same as sitting at home....but sociable which you need.....and it's dark.....no one can see you wearing baggy tshirts and comfy clothes!


I feel your pain. I am 23 and have suffered with endo for years. I can honestly, hand on my heart, tell you that since I had the mirena coil fitted it has completely changed my life.

I used to get very bad pain on a daily basis. I used to bloat every single day like you have mentioned, never finding clothes that I felt good in. I would feel so fat and horrible due to this and to the fact that every time I would exercise I would be in excruciating pain. I would be in pain during and after sex, and all day after. It was horrible! And my periods were horrendous.

But since I had the mirena fitted I don't get pain on a daily basis, I have taken up running and I love it and it has made me feel so good about myself. My bloating only happens if I eat too much of the wrong food or obviously if I am on my period etc. I get 0 pain during and after sex and my periods aren't even proper periods anymore!

I know the mirena coil isn't for everyone but I advise you to look into having one fitted because believe me, it is a GODSEND. Obviously everyone is different though. I hope you start to feel better soon xx


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