Just want to cry!

I rang to get an urgent appointment with my consultant today but the earliest they can bring it forward to is the 25th March. I'm in so much pain. I try really hard to stay positive and not let it beat me but I'm having a bad day. I needed to go to the toilet at work got up and the pain was so bad I collapsed in a heap. I'm sorry just don't have anyone that understands x

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  • Visit your GPand explain this. You don't need to stick with the same consultant - there may be others near by with a shorter waiting list, get your GPs support and see if you can get a quicket referal and adequate pain relief to tie you over till you can see a consultant. Failing that - next time you collapse in pain get taken to A&E and get an intramuscular pain relief injection.

  • Hi, sorry you are in so much pain l went to a different clinic run by my consultant would have been 2 month wait, taking into account the journey and traffic was no longer than my usual journey. Ring the booking office and see what other clinics they run. My gp rang for me x

  • Impatient and jaynee - can I ask what you mean by getting a quicker referral by going to a different clinic run by consultant.I attend the endometriosis clinic.Could I go to a general gynae clinic and get there quicker?I am at end of my tether with pain and wondering if I could afford a private consultation.my own consultant is the endo specialist and wold you belivee is leaving in March! Out nearest alternative hospitals are 4 and 5 hrs away and I am unable to travel.

  • Thank you for replying. I have an appointment with my gp next Wednesday so am going to see if she can help. Sorry to moan xx

  • Hi Kez123,

    I am sending you a big hug. Please dont feel you have to suffer with so much pain, get some pain relief from A&E. I think we are so used to pain that we end up putting up with too much and normalising it. Take care xx

  • I agree, we get used to living with the pain but some days it just becomes too much. Xx

  • Yep I know what you mean. How you feeling today?

  • In a lot of pain but feeling determined after a good cry. Just got to take each day as it comes x I hope your ok? X

  • Sorry you are suffering so -you are same as me.I have been in agony since October ,in hospital in December and am still awaiting an emergency appointment.I the meantime I have had my regular 6 monthly check up moved from April to end July ! Sometimes the only thing to do is to get taken to A and E-at least you will get some stronger pain relief.It is so hard when we have no one wjo understands our pain, but we all understand,to different degrees on here,so feel free to share on here.Sending you a great big hug.

  • Thank you. I can't take stronger than ibuprofen 600 as they affect me very badly. Plus I have a little boy to look after being a single parent and he relays on me to be with it. Xx

  • Sorry your having a rough time, I've been bad since September, and loads of pain since December. I think your really lucky to be seen on the 25th March. I asked to see my consultant back in October (gp referral and a letter from me) and got a appt for April . I was so angry. Paid to see an endo specialist in dec but still had to wait two weeks, best thing I ever did. Now waiting for my lap end of March. Hope your feeling a bit better now xxx

  • Aww I'm sorry to hear you have had such a long wait. I paid private for my first consultant appt and then he put me on the nhs list. Have you rung the consultants secretary and asked to be put on the cancellation list? The pain is still as bad today but I had a cry and am more determined again xx

  • Hi, my gyne, runs clinics for different authorities, l went to one in another county x

  • You poor thing. I'm thinking about you and understanding how terrible this must be for you. Xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • If it helps, I have seen my consultant privately twice now ( he also works with our IVF clinic so have seen him for that & to ask for NHS lap referral) & I pay approx £180 each time. In my experience its worth it if you can get a fast appointment! I've tended to wait about 1-2 weeks.

    Also, re pain, have you ever tried acupuncture? I have used it for bad period pain & I believe some people really respond well to it.

  • No I haven't tried acupuncture. I may look into that. Thank you. Do you see your consultant even for follow ups? Or the initial appt?

  • Google acupuncture women's health in your local area, or something like that. I went to my acupuncturist for about a year but haven't needed to since then. I recall he told me that some women would come in with very bad pains & a couple of needles in the right place would be instant relief.

    I saw my consultant privately first after a failed IVF cycle for referral back to theNHS for a laparoscopy. It was important for me that the constant describing the laparoscopy I needed did so with my fertility/IVF treatment in mind.

    Afte my laparoscopy last week, ( which didn't go as expected as my endo was much worse than thought) I wanted to see him again ASAP to discuss where to go with IVF.

    To me, the extra cost has been worth it, as I feel he has had the time to get t know us & see me as a person with a problem rather than just another NHS case. I don't have private healthcare & really can't afford to have the lap privately ( especially paying for IVF) so having the private consultation to me is the next best thing!

  • My first appt with my consultant was private then he put me on the nhs for the rest of my treatment but didn't no I could the go back private. Plus since he put me on nhs he did my lap and I've never seen him since lol.

    Paying private is well worth it I agree x

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