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Just out of lap I could cry

So Iv been awake from my lap for about an hour the doctor has been round to see me and I'm so emotional they said they couldn't find anything I don't no what to do. I'm in pain daily I bleed after sex and I'm in agony during and after. My back and pelvis is in constant pain what do I do now I feel so lost I was sure they would find something. I don't no what to do please has anyone got any advice of what to do xx

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I think the best thing to do is not to panic at this stage. You need to recover from your operation I am sure the doctors will know what to do. This is my fear too, I am going to see the gynaecologist today at 2.30 for the first time I am hoping she says they will perform the lap on me to start investigating. I really hope you get your answers soon your feelings are totally understandable.

Michelle xx


I'm so sorry, the same thing happened to me at my lap last week. Just discharged from gynaecology with no follow up appointment.

my GP is now referring me to gastroenterology.

just focus on your recovery for now. I'm here if you need me x


It's horrible isn't it as much as you don't want to have a horrible disease it's so dishearting not knowing what's wrong with you when you've thought it was something for so long. I just don't no what to do next I feel like everyone will think Iv been lying about my pain. I know I need to focus on recovery but I'm just so sad I don't no what to do xx


it's interesting that you say that people will think you're lying. That's exactly what I thought, I think I have rushed back to work a bit soon because "there's nothing wrong with me". Just make sure you take the time to recover properly. People are much kinder and understanding than I gave them credit for.

even if you don't have Endo, you still have chronic pain AND are recovering from surgery. Take it easy, be extra kind to yourself x


Ok first of all even my gynaecologist before I had my lap admitted, just because they don't find any endo does not mean you don't have it because there are places they cannot see. He said if people still continue having major problems, they can sometimes have another lap. Secondly although it is frustrating you do not know what is wrong, if you really don't have endo at least it means you won't need to worry so much about long-term impacts e.g. On fertility. Whilst I felt relief from being diagnosed with endo, it has also made me feel very uncertain about the future because they cannot answer a lot of your questions like how likely it is for yours to return based on presentation, they cannot give you much advice on how to stop it from returning or whether there will be any lasting impact on fertility. In many ways even with a diagnosis, you are left in the unknown.


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