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Another Gyn Apt with no answers


She said she doesn't want to do the lap now b/c she says my gut is probably bad from anxiety and has refered me back to my pediatrictian so I can see a physchiatrist b/c she thinks the pains from that. Arghh

Oh my god I'm so mad!!! She gave me 15 days worth of Naproxen so I have to go b/c I need to take it everyday or I have a flare up.

She also said my UTI's will calm down too.

I feel like I'm back at stage 1 again, where I was told it was all in my head...

I have my appointment with my new gyn in October, I hope I'll be ok till then.

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Oh dear sorry to hear that but can empathise having been there too when you don't get anything from an appt but told to just get on with things.

Is your next appt with a BSGE specialist? Would be worth being referred to one if not as you might have similar experience.

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I have a referral to an endo speacilist here but I'm not seeing him till Halloween and I'm in so much pain.

Did she give you something to protect your stomach/gut lining with the Naproxen?

In the UK, medics now 'have to' prescribe drugs such as Omeprazole with Naproxen, to protect the stomach lining etc from ulcers because of the Naproxen.

I hope you get some answers and action when you eventually do see someone about the Endo.

Take care.

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I was told to eat and take a tums whenever I took it. Where can Ulcers be located?

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Ulcers can form in the stomach, and possibly in other parts of the gut. It used to be common for us in UK just to be told to take the Naproxen with food, but this essential prescribing of protective drugs with N. is quite recent. But it does suggest that people were being adversely affected, for this measure to be introduced. Sorry, I don't know what tums are - if just antacids, then I think Omeprazole type drugs are more sophisticated.

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Tums are antiacids, I think I might have omeprazole but I was told to take it for when my pain made me feel like throwing up.

Is there another pain killer I could go on with less risks?

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I don't really know anything more.

I'm only suggesting the Omeprazole because it's what I had ... and my friend was given it, recently.

I had Naproxen last year (for something else, entirely) and ended up with stomach/gut pains, and they put me on Omeprazole then. When my friend was given N recently, I immediately mentioned the Omep, and he said the Doc (GP here in UK) had prescribed it: saying that now they 'have to' issue it along with Naproxen. N, is an good painkiller, but you need to go back - or just phone your medic - and ask if you should not have been given something like Omeprazole ... whatever the equivalent is in Canada.

But you need medical advice, I can't suggest anything ... other than checking with the Dr, or maybe asking a pharmacist.

I hope you get sorted soon. I've found with Endo that we have to learn to be our own best experts. I really suggest reading about on this site, and also checking out Lindle's posts. Then you can discuss things more with your medic.

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