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First gyn appointment today... Any advice?


Hi all,

I had my first gyn appointment today about my constant pains and sometimes bleeding after sex. 

She performed a smear, took swabs and did a transvaginal ultrasound. I have feared cervical cancer due to all of the pains and symptoms, however she said my cervix looked healthy and that I shouldn't worry so hopefully that's a good sign? However my ultrasound was totally clear, no cysts or anything except for varicose veins which she said is puzzling considering I'm only 21 and have never had children. 

I am in daily pain with dull back ache, shooting pains in hips and quite severe groin pain shooting into my legs and I even have swollen glands in my groin which I imagine is caused by the goings on inside (my urine and previous swabs came back clear) 

I just wondered if this could be some form of infection higher up that urine or swabs cannot detect? As I asked the gyno about endo and she said she doesn't think so!? Despite all of my symptoms seeming similar to people on here I have spoken to! I hope she is just unfamiliar with the different ways it can present itself, or could all of my symptoms actually mean something else? I'm in near daily discomfort and now incredibly anxious it's something more sinister or whatever! She has referred me for a laparoscopy in about 6-8 weeks so I'm sure all will come clear then and also need bloods done. Has anyone experienced a totally clear ultrasound and still had endo which caused bad pains? Could adhesions and scar tissue be missed in an ultrasound or would severe endo issues be present in the scan? 

Any advice would be great - happy to answer questions and stuff too. 

Thanks ladies. 

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Yes my daughter had clear scans and normal bloods and was told it was in her mind and after a laprascop they found she had endo and adhesions  .  I hope you don't have it but if you do then at least you know what your dealing with , good luck with your laparoscop x

Haych9 in reply to Gaily1770

Thank you for your reply. All of my symptoms point there and although it sounds bad, I'd rather have it so I have a diagnosis and can then move forward. I'm hoping the laparoscopy makes everything come clear. Thanks again X 

Gaily1770 in reply to Haych9

Your very welcome x

Hi Hun endo very rarely shows up on scans. The varicose veins sounds like pelvic congestion syndrome but I'm no expert. Hopefully the lap will provide some answers. Good luck.

Haych9 in reply to JeanOsborne

Thank you very much for your reply and your well wishes xx

Yes, my smear and scans all came back clear. I was so convinced it was all I'm my head but I had a laparoscopy and have severe endometriosis. In my opinion laparoscopy is the best way to know for sure. Good luck! 

Haych9 in reply to sumul

It just makes me worry more too!! But thank you for your reply, definitely puts me at a bit of ease x


Hi Ive had the symptoms of endo fro about 15 years and was always dismissed.  I had two lots of external and internal ultra sound and nothing showed up.  Only once I had a lap done did I get diagnosed with severe endo.  Scan do not seem to show it most of the time.  Hope all goes well for you x

Haych9 in reply to Hidden

Hi thanks for replying. I've had two internal ultrasounds now and both showing everything healthy so maybe the lap is the only way to truly see. Thanks for sharing your experience though, maybe I do have it and it'll come clear in the lap. X

If she saw varicose veins then why did she not mention pelvic conjestion syndrome ? I'm waiting for my first gynae app  . I suspect I have this but until someone has a proper look I just don't know 

Haych9 in reply to Don1980

She only mentioned that it's really unusual to have it in someone so young or who hasn't had children so the laparoscopy is the best investigation to see what's causing it. She said pressure and strain on the pelvic area causes it so I thought maybe endo could even be partially to blame if it causes pelvic inflammation it's causing strain on everything involved, but what do I know! To be honest my symptoms all appeared rather suddenly and I assume that varicose veins/pelvic congestion would be a long term problem so maybe it was even just found by coincidence or maybe it's the only thing to blame for all of my pain and discomfort! X

Don1980 in reply to Haych9

I see!! At least a lap will see for sure! My pain started after 3 children and I have bad veins in my legs so PCS seems possible. Can't wait to get it sorted for sure tho ! 

Haych9 in reply to Don1980

Yea it definitely makes sense that you would do! I don't have them anywhere else particularly badly but most of my veins are very visible, not varicose but a nice bright blue everywhere! Good luck in a diagnosis and hope it gets sorted for you soon. 

The only way that endometriosis can be seen is by laporoscopy- it won't show on an ultrasound. Give them permission to treat it when they do the laparoscopy. Pretty sure from all your symptoms you have endometriosis. I had the same symptoms too. X

Haych9 in reply to Bexstar74

Thank you for your reply. She has said if she finds any there she'll remove it there and then. I just didn't know if it would be or not because I have near persistent groin pain and ache and didn't know if that was relevant or not! X

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