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Had laparoscopy but discharged with no information?

Hi I had my laparoscopy to remove what they thought was an endometrioma, the doctor also talked me into being sterilised and having ablation as my family is complete. They had no beds so put me in an overflow area and from the minute I was back kept telling me they need beds or operations will be cancelled. I was in retention (couldn't pee) they tried 3 times to do a catheter and couldn't so gave up and said my drs too busy to see me and they can't do a catheter so I'd be better off to leave and go a&e if it didn't sort itself out. Thankfully I'm OK. It took a week for the Dr to get the surgery report to be able to tell me what they did. However it lists everything but the removal of the mass I went in for! It also states omental adhesions noted. What does that even mean does it need treatment? The thing I wanted peace of mind from is not even addressed. Oh well back to chasing the secretary to please give me a follow up because the student who discharged me put no follow up because she thought that meant back to the ward!

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Hi! I hope your recovering well from your lap, i had mine 2 weeks ago and unfortunatley found myself in a situation similar to you! I was discharged without seeing a doctor and my notes made no sense to me what so ever, i saw my GP a week after the op and all had been sent him were the exact same as what was on my discharge notes, i now have to wait until 15th december to find out properly!!! X


Oh no, maybe its common then? I just have always seen the surgeon after the op and they explain what they found. I'm trying to get a follow up appointment because the student managed to wipe off my appointment. Good luck at your follow up I hope you get answers xx


Thank you, my GP managed to explain alot of things to me. He did say its very common for you to be sent home without seeing your consultant/doctor after a day surgery. Its just very annoying isn’t it xx


I was booked for 2 days and went home the day after my op though! Maybe he thought I'd gone or something x


I had my Lap a week ago and after surgery my consultant said to me ' I found endometriosis on your pelvic walk and treated it and advised me to rest' that was it. My follow up had been booked for 4 months time but once I felt better I rang up and got this in 4 weeks time, I also asked to speak to the medical secretary to obtain a report of my surgery as I felt clueless but I was told all will be discussed in my follow up appointment so I just have to wait.


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