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Post-Op Pain ?? When will it go away?!

So I just had my laparoscopy on Friday 28th march in the afternoon and now 2 days later still have terrible shoulder and chest pain cant hardly move feels like my upper body is being tightened and constricted like im being suffocated from the pain! Not to mention stabbing pains in my lower abdomen - I dont remember being in this much pain my last Lap :( endo found on both uterosacral ligaments as well as at the top of the vagina. Is this pain all from the gas? When does it go down?

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Yes it is the gas. And the severity depends how much was trapped inside you when they sealed up the wounds. Quite a bit by the looks of it.

Fart and burp it out as best you can - dignity out the window you have to get that gas out.

peppermints, peppermint tea, windeze tablets etc all will help.

If you are slight bunged up constipated on pain killers then address that too and get the bowels moving.

And painful as it is there is no better way for dispersing the gas that to regularly have a short pottering walk about the ward at hosp or your home - don't need any reason just got to wander about and keep moving as much as you are able. This really helps the gas to be jiggled out of the pockets where it is trapped.

Pain killers are essentials too - keep them topped up and don't let them run out.

Call the ward if the pain is too severe - they may want you back to give you a decent pain killer. Even if you are now discharged to make way for someone else you are still their patient - so don't hesitate to call them and explain the symptoms.

They should have supplied you with adequate pain relief - and should still be able too.

Gas disperses in about 3 days for most patients. The pain in the tummy from surgery can last several weeks to months depending on what was done inside.

Some things heal much moe quickly than others - but each and every day should see improvements unless you overdo it - in which case you will suffer the painful consequences and realise that you are not yet back to full strength just yet.

Took me just over 4 months to be op pain free from a laparotomy and a lot of work done inside.

With a laparoscopy op 8 weeks is more likely to be the target. But could be much quicker than that or a bit longer. But it is not something you will need pain relief for throughout the recover it does ease off gradually.

Get Well Soon, and get help if you need it.


I suffered a lot of oains after my lap, took a good 3/4 days before I started feeling any better. My stomach felt like a balloon ready to pop and sleeping was a nightmare. It's difficult but even a walk round your living room will help you in the long run and I spent most of my time in the bath as is the only place I feel semi comfortable in while suffering with my endometriosis. Hope this helps and hope the pain soon budges. X


Hi tryingtobestrong. I had terrible shoulder pains after my lap due to the gas as well. II agree with the below, painkillers, peppermint tea and trying to walk around (I know moving is the last thing you want to do.) I think it took a few days for me to be completely pain free but it does depend what exactly you had done. Just make sure you are topped up for painkillers. I found ginger tea good too for any nausea :-) x


Yes my shoulder pain was excruciating and strongest on day 2 but soon was over. As everyone said pepermint tea, windeze and walking about helps. As for op pain it was pretty bad for 4 days and then slowly improved over 2weeks.


Thank you ladies!! The shoulder pain finallyyy seems to have settled now 4 days post-op :) didnt prepare myself for the extremely painful first period post procedure though! Definitely keeping up with the pain relief and the tea has helped also thanks again for all the advice! :)


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