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New to endometriosis


Hi ladies I'm 26 and have suffered with really bad gastro issues for around a year, the doctor said I had irritable bowel. That didn't seem to be the case every month I have survive abdominal pain and I've had been admitted to A&E it's that bad only was to describe it is labour pain. I suffer with cramps and nausea before and weeks after my period and a lot of the time I have diarreah and sometimes constipation. It's really getting me down as it's effecting my life I can't go one day without having some sort of nausea or pain :( I'm waiting to see the gynocologist to fully diagnose me but my mum suffered badly when she was in her twentys so they are 99% sure that I have it.

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Hi :-) it's good that you've been referred already to a gynae. It is awful & I sympathise as a lot of my symptoms were bowel related and I described my pain as contractions. I found using an antispasmodic like mebeverine and peppermint oil capsules helped but chat with your gp as I never had diarrhoea unlike a lot of girls. Also be cautious of pain killers containing codeine as these can constipate - great painkiller but make sure you use something like lactulose to help you go to the toilet. I would encourage you to spend your time between now and your appointment researching endo and getting some questions together for when you see your gynae. Endometriosis UK website have some good stuff and the girls on here aswell as facebook support groups are a great resource too. I can recommend a website called Endopaedia and a facebook group caled EndoMetropolis. Good luck xx

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Thank you :)

You are not alone. I go through the same thing each month. Living nightmare. The pain is unbelievable. I am going in this Sat to have the endo removed from my bowel. I am hoping this will reduce the pain. As someone has suggested peppermint oil is good I also drink peppermint tea nearly constantly over that bad pre time and during monthly cycle and after when pain is so intense. I also try not to eat anything to heavy digest or too spicy. I stick to soups. If you swell out like me tummy wise I also wet a small hand towel and place it on my tummy to soothe the pain. I am hopefully this op will reduce my pain. I hope you get yours addressed to. The suggestion of finding support is good I went to a local support group. It was a relief to know I wasn't living this nightmare alone and to talk thing out.

Thanks for this reply I am waiting on seeing the gynocologist at the moment, every month I'm worried about the pain. I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands and there is no support group I know of here that's why I've joined here :)

Good luck let me know how you get on. You are welcome to Private message from here anytime.


Please get reffered to a gastroentroligist i'v suffered for years these consultants look at a differett area and will treat the bowel probs

good luck

persil xx

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