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"Likely endometriosis"

Hi, I was only yesterday told I may have endometriosis and I'm now being treated with some tablets to help pain and bleeding. But today has already been a terrible day, not even 9am and I've been sat up buckled over crying for 5 hours. I've taken the mefenamic acid, which didn't work. I've also taken 2x 30ml/500ml cocodamol, again didn't even touch the pain. This is the third time this week I've had pain and I have an 11 month old daughter to look after on my own, which is beginning to feel like an impossible task. I'm really not sure why I'm writing on here if I'm honest, it's just getting me down and I feel like I'm falling into depression again because I want to be the best mum possible to my little girl. But I don't think I can be on days like this. I guess my question is, is there anything else I can do but sit and wait for my gynaecologist appointment?

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Dionne... if it's possible, ask your family planning centre to fit a coil for you. I was in a similar situation 4 years ago to the point of passing out with pain and having a mirena coil was like a cure. I've recently had problems again and had surgery for what they thought was appendicitis but turned out to be endometriosis pain, I'm waiting for a new coil now and hope this will stop any future unnecessary surgery. I hope you feel better soon, I know it's a bit cliche but get a hot water bottle, it may soothe you a little xxx


I had the coil before it completely messed with me and ended up having it taken out 😔 Thank you so much for your reply, I'm definitely going to get a hot water bottle!xxx


In the short term, please go to your GP and tell them you need more pain relief if what you have isn't working. There are lots of other things they can give you which you can take in combination with the mefenamic acid and co-codamol. If you feel it is getting to be more than you can cope with and you need help quickly, go to A&E. Endo pain isn't a joke. I honestly took less pain relief for childbirth than I needed for my endo pain.

As long as your baby is fed and safe, she'll be fine. Try not to be too hard on yourself. x.


Thank you Hun! I've been to a&e a few times, taken in by ambulance and they told me they couldn't do anything there and I needed to see my GP for a referral. They literally dose me up on morphine and send me home, I would honestly rather be in labour again than suffer this again. I had no pain relief in child birth and i was fine 😕

My little one is very clingy and it's hard for me to even hold her when I'm in pain, I feel so terrible. I just want them to manage the pain and I will be okay. I have a follow up appointment with the nurse practitioner on Monday for blood tests to check my blood count and thyroid so I will mention to her that the pain relief I have isn't helping at all. The only thing that helps is morphine and that doesn't even relieve the pain it just sends me to sleep which isn't ideal with a little one. Thank you so much for your reply, I didn't really expect to be having these issues having only just turned 21 😔 X


When I had severe bleeding I went back to my GP and they sped up the referral so instead of having the appointment set on March 7th I was able to have it about 2 weeks after going back to GP so it was 18th January instead which was amazing.

I have the coil at the moment and its a love hate relationship, its my last option before they do a lap. I went about 3 weeks without bleeding recently but then started bleeding again and although the bleeding has now stopped the pain has returned with a vengeance. Even when I am not bleeding, since getting the coil, I have bright yellow discharge varying in heaviness which is rather irritating but I've been reassured its just normal discharge. I am coming up to the 3 month mark now which I never imagined would have happened, when I had it put in I was screaming and crying that night and had to go to the out of hours GP - worst pain I've had since symptoms starting when I was 12ish. Since then I've been on codeine, voltarol, Tramadol and a muscle relaxant to stop the cramping in the first place all with varying levels of success.

At this point its just getting more difficult to function normally and although the coil 'helped' for a bit so far the pain outweighs the gains. So basically, go back to the GP and ask if its possible to be seen sooner and just be completely honest about what its doing to you and your daily life. If you take the advice of the coil (if they offer it) just be prepared as everyone is different and it could love you, could make things worse.. its like roulette.

Good luck with everything!


Thank you Hun! I had the Coil before I had my little one and I just couldn't get on with it, mood swings were awful and I bled constantly on it. I'm going to talk to the nurse and see if she can get me in with the gp the same day. I hope you manage to get a more stable relief soon, I'd heard of endo before but never imagined it to be so painful! 😩 Thank you x

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