Severe pain during ovulation

Hi, I'm new to this site and have found it so helpful. I am due for a laparoscopy on the 5th August, and to be honest I can't wait as the pain I have been going through is debilitating. I have been having ovulation pain that seems to have gotten worse and worse over the last year. My right ovary is the worst, and I am literally struck down with pain when it starts for about 2 days. I take very strong pain killers which barely take the edge off. I have been into hospital a number of times, and they always think appendicits, and then send me home! I have also started to have this on my left ovary too, and the pain radiates into my back and under my ribs and is unbearable. I also get stomach pain, diarrhea etc. When ovulating and when on my period. They found a paraovarian cyst on my right side, and I have finally found an amazing gynae privately who thinks I have endo and it is likely to be on my bowel, ovaries and tubes, due to all the pain. I'm absolutely terrified about the lap, and wanted to ask anyone if they had similar issues, as well as whether anyone was on their period when going for the lap, as I think I will be. Thanks

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  • I have same amount of pain round ovulation and same painkillers only take edge of the pain and I had a lap in January I had ahesasions and joined my bowel to my womb and have endo in my womb i wouldn't be surprised if they find endometriosis giving the fact you are in alot of pain my advice is to see your gp and ask if they can give you something stronger to help with the pain i also apply hot water bottle to my stomach and helps alot if im really bad i hope all goes well for you when you have your lap wish you all the bed and hope you feel better soon xx

  • Morning to you. Yes I am one of the unlucky ones who suffers with painful mid cycle pain I have done since I was 15 periods started when I was 12 I am now 43 and like you mine always tending to be on the the right but for a year or more it's been on the left and the pain is much worse then on the right side and like you no pain killers touch it, I've never had any cysts as far as I know. not sure how long your pain goes on for? Mine can last up to 10 days! Like this month has. I am waiting to have my 4th lap on 26 August should of had it a fortnight ago but it was cancelled to my disappointment the consultant I am under is convinced I have endo and hopes to remove it. I was told I had mild endo after my 2nd lap and that was about advice I got at my 3rd lap I was told no endo was found and my ovaries were nice and healthy and I was just unlucky with nature! If you believe that. That was 5 years ago and the pain has got much worse with bowel spasms now as well. As for the lap itself you will be fine the worst bit is the gas pain in the shoulders after so lots of peppermint tea and wind eze tablets is my advice. I had my period during my last lap it still went ahead and I had camera look inside my uterus and a mirena coil fitted so no worries there. I wish all the very best for the 5th.

  • Hi - I had severe pain on my right side too during ovulation, and always dreaded alternate months when I knew it was going to be that side. I had a lap in April and they found endo which was lasered off. I have felt a lot better, I was also feeling really ill the week of ovulation and the week of my period so 1/2 the month! Good luck for yours - mine wasn't too bad, recovery was hard as I think I don't like to sit still and rest. Make sure you look after yourself, and let others help you. I wasn't on my period but have read other posts when people have been and I'm sure it's not a problem x

  • I have just had a lap as I have endo on my bowel, left tube. They have removed the endo and freed up my bowel. I get really bad ovulation pain too. I hope the lap they remove endo and it improves your life. Everyone who has had one that I know, says it really does help. I am off to see the gp to go on the pill to stop my periods. I cannot face them anymore. Good luck x

  • Have you ever had any previous abdominal surgery? I was exactly like you but i had an hysterectomy when i was 35 because of a rectocele & cystocele. They just left both my ovaries & now ive got a 8cm endometrioma cyst on my left ovary. Which they can't see on laparoscopy because im covered in sticky adhesions all over my pelvis & abdominal wall. I had adhesiolysis surgery when they went to do a diagnostic lap in dec 14.

    You will be fine with the lap. If anything it will be the trapped wind you get what hurts more than the incsions.

  • I am going for a lap on August 5 to remove fibroids from my uterus. I suffered from endo in the past so am expecting to have some of that again too. The pain from this is the most extreme pain I've had

  • Thanks for all the replies. My gynae expects to find adhesions, blocked tubes and will also remove the cyst. She has also said she's going to cover the cysts with a type of gel that will stop the cysts from continuing to form every month. I can't remember what this is called! I'm kind if hoping they do find endo so at least I can put a name to all this pain! I had a lap done when I was about 18 but can't remember what they found!

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