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Hey ladies hope you're all coping okay ♥ I'm 21 & have adenomyosis and minimal endometriosis confirmed by lap & MRI. I'm just looking for some opinions ... I've had the Mirena since Feb 2015 and after a ropey first few months I felt like it was really helping to ease my symptoms even though my bleeding was totally unpredictable. But then in March 2016 I started getting severe pains again, trips to A&E & emergency GP appointments has lead to them finding a small cyst on my left ovary (which was a daughter cyst but has now changed), abnormal cells and a large ectropion on my cervix and I am also having my bowels investigated due to horrible symptoms (no endo there though!).

Due to these problems I was referred to a general gynae consultant who said the mirena hormones can sometimes become ineffective and he suggested getting the coil removed but replaced with a new one fitted straight away! We agreed to discuss this at my next appointment in September as I was confused as to how this works surely the hormones don't just stop working for me when the coil is still in perfect position?!

Last month I had the heaviest period I've ever had whilst taking/using contraceptive hormones, I have headaches every single day and my skin is sore, greasy and unsightly. My boobs hurt sooooooooooo much! I'm feeling so down about my body in terms of the way it looks and how it physically betrays me every day!

I was wondering whether any of you ladies (who have never had surgery to remove endo), cope without any contraceptive/hormones keeping endo at bay? My fiancé has just broke up with me (just what I needed) so I no longer need regular contraception and was wondering whether to try and have no additional hormones for a while.

I've literally taken some sort of pill/implant/hormone/coil every day for over 7 years and don't even know what my periods/symptoms would be like without it but I'm not sure if it's worth trying to find out hahaha?!

Please let me know what you think and your own experiences. Thanks in advance xxx

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I've declined the surgey. I currently manage my symptoms with conventional ibuprofen and paracetamol. However you could go to your doctor and ask for stronger pain killers.


Hi there

Sorry you are suffering so much.

I've tried everything over the years and I know I'm now 45 and had a hysterectomy but have come off HRT as hormones just seem make endo grow but I feel pretty rubbish so I'm going to be asking to try another when I see consultant next. So whilst a break maybe a nice idea to see how bad things are :-( you may want to try another coil or pill to see if that is better suited to you

Sorry about your fiancée - there'll be someone else out there for you who is more understanding



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