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Finally I had my appointment yesterday. They are sure that it's endometriosis.. Have been suggested to try mirena coil. With currently suffering with excessive weight gain and depression I have read these are some of the symptoms that will occur. I have a follow up with the hospital in 3 months time where they will see how I'm getting on and then think about other treatments.. Fed up, tired and down with all this stuff! Any advise welcome and appreciated x

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  • Have they tried lupron depot shots for you? Along with any pain meds

  • I've been suffering since last year.. All they've done is change my contraception pill to see if that was causing bleeding despite saying of the pain and other problems. About a month ago they tried hormone tablets which aggravated my migraines. I'm taking co codamol on a regularly basis.

  • Ask about ultram and gabapinton. Along with lupron depot shots they help tremendously. And a surgery to clear all the endometriosis out

  • I'll ask about that tomorrow at the doctors, in all fairness nothing really was said different at my hospital appointment than what the doctors have already told me. They've been pushing me to have this coil for ages which I'm really reluctant to have. the hospital have said they don't really want to do surgery as it could cause more problems for other things. I'm 24 and looking to start a family in the future, I'm so worried that leaving things how they are it'll effect my chances of conceiving. everyday is a struggle, I've had so much time off work due to this and it's effecting every aspect of my life.

  • All sounds very familiar to me. I'm 28 and have gone through them trying pill different pills, different amounts of time taking it back to back as they are reluctant to do surgery. I have had coil fitted almost three months ago now. Had all concerns as you especially with regards to weight but no side effects whAtsoever with coil and have only heard mainly positive stuff. It actually has a lot less hormone in it than the pill ( believe I was super paranoid about getting fat so did tons of research ) and is not into your blood stream so often gives fewer effects. It can't make your side effects worse and may even improve them. It's not the nicest to have fitted but I had local anaesthetic so was manageable.i have noticed some improvement. Still daily symptoms but not the same extreme of pain as before. I think psychologically a laproscopy is important but they can fit a coil whilst you are under. It's worth exploring.

  • I'm so unsure what to do. I'm already overweight and struggle to lose weight. This time last yeast I had lost over 4 stone. Now it's slowly creeping on. I'm unable to go to the gym like i use to and simple things like going out with friends is a such a task. I feel like locking myself away and then stay in bed. If I don't get on with the coil would they then go onto doing the surgery?

  • It depends on your gynae and what they think but they wanted to

    Go through all options with me rather than do an op. When I first had the coil fitted it was amazing how much better I felt so it is prob worth a shot- especially as you should have fewer symptoms than pill. I think I'm right in saying it's often the oestrogen that can cause weight gain and the pill is progesterone only. I still think if you want a Lap done push for it but also maybe get coil before or at sane time. I had mind fitted in hospital by a consultant and with anaesthetic x

  • Have you needed any further treatment since having the coil? xx

  • Yeah I'm still in the trial period and still have bad cramps and days where all I can do is lie down but it is better. I'm probably having a lap in September.

  • That sounds good. I'm going to give it a go & see what they say in November back at the hospital. Would love to go back to my normal self! xx

  • I think it's worth it if you feel that low it must he worth a shot. Good luck x

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