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Natural endometriosis treatment...

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Hi all,

After more than 10 years of terrible pain I've reached the week before my lap and I'm panicking, what if it's not endo and it's some other horrific disease that's life threatening, or worse still what if I don't have anything and I'm losing my mind?

I was thinking back to when it all started and I can't pin point a particular date that I could empty my bowels without whincing or have sex without crying silently inside...

I do remember, as a daft curvy teenager that I fell in the image conscious trap of anorexia/bulimia/excessive exercise and my period vanished only to be pumped with hormones to restart my cycle and that whole episode got me thinking.... I'm not suggesting starving myself but rather than being a lab rat with zoladex/hrt and then the pill how about becoming uber fit and slim? Has anyone tried this and if so did they keep it up, is it safe re bone thinning?

I can't reiterate enough that starving ourselves is obviously not the answer but is there a healthy optimal weight in which we don't have to take artificial hormones to achieve amenorrhoea?

Also is there an endo register where we can add out history so that someone with a scientific background can work out if there is a correlation, is it dairy, baby formula, the pill, wtf is causing it?

I have 2 daughters and desperately want to protect them from endo.

If anyone has any natural treatment success stories please share them, I suspect I'm wishing for a miracle but just incase.

Thanks for reading my post, take care ladies xx

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dietary change , maca root and chaste berry have been very helpful for my endometriosis.

I stopped eating read meat and dairy due to advice from an Asian midwife I used to see and my cramps, random passing out, pain during using the restroom... tons of things stopped! the cramps have resurfaced for the first time in awhile which I attribute to my miscarriage.

maca root and chaste berry- the first is a food the latter is an herb! look into them! most medical physicians don't know anything about nutritional alternative medicines! I wish you all the luck in your quest for wellness!


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Bambaloo in reply to team3H

One trip to the local health food store and I'm loaded up with maca and chaste berry.... I'll let you know how I go!

Thanks a million xx

Hi, some people say that various aspects of modern life promote oestrogen dominance, which then leads to endo. I think it's the chemicals in our cleaning products, cosmetics, furnishings etc. Some very hard to avoid. But you might want to look into exactly what is implicated and how to minimise.

I have terrible periods, pass out, throw up, migraines....

I decided instead of goin down the pill , coil line i would get fit.

I cut out all processed food, gluten, dairy and yeast and yeast bloats and i was constantly bloated .... started making all me own foods. Plus walking about 5 miles a day if not more at weekends and lost about 1 1/2 stone ( i was not big to start) but i feel so much better... i hardly have any pmt anymore. My periods are crampy on first day then there bearable. They last 3 days and gone. I eat really healthy whilst on my period to which was my other prob before i would just scoff my face with bread and chocolate. Ur body need nutrients not processed junk...

I do take tranexamic acid to which has also helped me as i clot to much and i bled to heavy but ive only taken them for 3 months and hope to stop them to this month see how i go without them.

I take a lot of supplements to, evening prim, probiotics, digestive enzymes , vitamin c tablets.

I also see a good womens health physio who work on the pelvic floor (inside) as mine is super tight, i could not have sex at all, still cant at mo but theres hope now.

Good luck

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Thanks for you top tips, if I can muster the energy I'll start running and swimming again.

I couldn't agree more re food, I've cut out dairy, red meat, alcohol, sugar and gluten and only eating organic when poss.... still bloated however after 2 weeks I've lost 3kg and the pain is much better but not sure if that's because I'm between periods...

I feel utterly depressed as I love cheese, booze and red meat... it's so unfair.... hey ho....

I hope yours behaves and your pelvic muscles loosen up soon.

I'm hoping to try acupuncture soon, fingers crossed it all starts working soon xx

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VW17 in reply to Bambaloo

I am on a waiting list for laparoscopy. I am struggling at work and my boyfriend has just broken up with me. Totally depressed and not sure myself how I can stop feeling so useless. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Bambaloo in reply to VW17

Oh Hun sounds like you've got lots going on. One thing that helps me is to take control of the situation and try alternative therapies and dietary changes, take control of your body! Do exercise and think positive, if you're ex boyfriend broke up with you because of endo then clearly he wasn't the man for you.... xxx chin up and start a new phase xxx

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VW17 in reply to Bambaloo

We were friends 20 years ago and reconnected early this year. Really felt he was the one. He collected his things today...because I took the day off work. He finds it difficult to understand. I'm pretty devastated

I cut out dairy and wine ( boo boo) to good effect. Have also dramatically reduced my gluten intake and started eating fresh unprocessed food much more.

I've also gone almost entirely organic as there are growing concern about auto immune health effects of pesticide residue being found in wheat and bread.

I now use SLES and paraben free shampoos and soaps and organic sanitary towels.

Notes from my early research here in case of use

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Bambaloo in reply to Starry

This is brilliant, thanks Starry.

I've adopted most of your eating habits, really struggling with dropping coffee but will be next to go soon.

If I come across a magic solution I'll let you all know!

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Lulububs in reply to Bambaloo

Try chicory!!! It is abit like coffee substitute. Plus it got really good inflammation properties so helps with the gut .

I do feel so much better since ive started eating better,lost weight and do light exercise. I went on holiday last week and i ate what i wanted, drank way to much( alchohol) and i came back feeling rough and awful but now ive started back up normal eating i feel instantly better so it does prove it.

Its hard!!! I miss chocolate! I miss indian and spicey foods. I miss brandy....

i dont miss the pain!! The bloated, the clots and fainting.

So i have to weigh up what best for me...

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Bella29 in reply to Bambaloo

U cud try chaga mushroom drink. There's a new one soon to be available with added cacao.. great morning pick me up! Ask in ur local health food store from November. x

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Bella29 in reply to Starry

A lot of great info on your document.. thanks so much for taking the time and sharing x

Hi hun I'm like you on the search for the natural miracle I really don't want my daughter to go through this headache. Iv been reading one of Jason vales books 7lb in 7 days the title should have been different to be honest but the book is aimed at us being on juices for a week and we stop craving the crap we crave normally Also its very much based on our mindset once we've got the right frame of mind and we get all this cleaning nutrition in our bodies the thought of junk food makes us feel Ill. A lady with endo that went on the programme had endo and she managed to get rid of it. She wrote to Jason and told him her endo was gone. I'm going to give this a go because iv easily cut dairy and caffeine out but if I'm honesty when I'm due on I do sometimes cave in and I can not live with this fatigue no more it's draining. People have cured that with this programme and they have such healthier better lifestyles and that's something we all want to adopt but find difficult.

I suggest giving it a read it cost me about 3 quid on Google books and if I'm not pregnant this month I'll be defo getting a juicer and doing this to change my life hopefully once and for all. Good luck hun if you find anything that works let me know. I do all the maca and adaptogens and supplements I just think we need to rid our bodies of toxins first before these good super foods get a chance to do amazing things for us. It's all a learning curve one we can all help each other with. 💗🤗😘

I very much agree my best friend is a nutritionalist/ personal trainer and she has helped me alot.

I have always had a very bad sugar habit, i craved it all the time but people never realised how bad i was coz i am thin so they just assumed i was healthy but i would shake if i didnt have sugar. This got worse at period / pmt times and i would just overload on carbs and sugar and i was just getting sicker and sicker until i ended up in hospital. The pain in my stomach was horrific...

I found out i had made myself gluten and dairy intolerant as i had given myself candida( antibiotics and to much sugar and bread(yeast)... it was ruining my stomach lining.

Only way to get rid of this was to go completely sugar, gluten, yeast and dairy free.... it was a nitemare!!! I lived on crispbreads, soya milk, chicken and green veg!! No sugar, i had a constant headache for 2 weeks but then i came out other end and i felt fantastic!

That was 6 months ago... never gone back to any of them!! I have abit of things with low sugar but still gluten and dairy free.

I have lost 1 1/2 stone.

My hair, nails and skin look amazing.

I sleep at night.

I poo every day( i was always constipated)

BUT the best thing is my periods! I used to have to go to bed for 3 days, i would cry through pain, id have migraines, throw up, faint!! Now there just a normal period!

So yes i agree there certain things we put in our body that are poison, one is sugar then other is gluten!! The best thing i ever gave up was bread i never realised until i stopped eating it how ill and bloated it made me feel!

It is not easy but once u get through 6 weeks u wont go back!

Definitely the right way to go I think. I could get all political about this system and man made meds but that is a complete different story. I'm so glad it's worked for you and your feeling much better for it. I'm looking for forward to it seriously just to not have fatigue will be great 😘

I agree with the lady underneath in respect that if u are not properly intolerant( which i am) u should eat some wheat but i eat so much fruit and green veg i dont lack on anything that gluten or yeast can give me, there really is nothing good in yeast( ie breads) but there is gluten in some nuts, oats which if ur not intolerant u should still have...

I eat healthier now as i just used to live on bread and toast they were my go to snacks at lunch time which is why i got so sick, whereas now il have quinoa and spinach for lunch so im eating way healthier!!

Dont just eat all shop brought gluten free stuff as it is high in sugar... try to make ur own foods..

Dairy wise theres lots of alternatives, i have never drank milk only soya milk and my dr told me that after ur grown child there is no need for milk it has no benefits u should get ur vitamins through ur food not dairy.. so again thats ur call, u could just go skimmed milk if u dont wana go full no dairy...

Im not trying to change u or lecturing anyone it helped me because I WAS gluten and dairy intolerant so obviously i am goin to feel better changing all this as it was poisoning me whereas it may not help u if u not intolerant!

At the same time if u are looking to lose weight and bloatedness of endo its a good way to go...

I'm not trying to go gluten free I don't have no intolerance for that if it works for others and it stops them pumping them self with man made crap that has all sorts of stuff in that will cause domet damage one way or another then that's good for them. To be honest if I could live solely of the land I would not bring plastic bagged veg etc in my home. Refined sugar and all the other crap I'm not into and make my own bread and cook fresh most of the time or get it cooked when I'm unable the wheat things help for some and not others I agree that if your not intolerant don't go for it but if it helps and v your going natural and your life has vastly improved I'm all for it.

it's all to do with my own research since endo nothing drastic as yet. I do think if something can be solved naturally then it's better that way. If man made medicine is necessary then I'm for it too. I'm just a lot more open minded to the natural way due to seeing so much of u family pass away so young through been pumped with meds. Everyone is different and what works for me won't work for some and will work for some that's why this forum is great so we can help others through our experiences 💗😘

Thats why i think ive gone natural as i was immediately put on antibiotics when ended up in hosp with intolerances instead of actually looking into it they just pumped me full of drug that put me in liver failure ( all for a gluten intolerance!) , it 9 weeks down line and i still have liver problems!

Then they swore i had endometriosis and a bad ovary and did a laparoscopy and guess what NOTHING!!! ( well nothing that was any worse then it always been) But after the lap i got a bad bladder infection and i ended up on antibiotics again and liver packed up again....

So as u can imagine my guts are all a mess , my livers not great so i want to treat my body with what it needs and that is not medication.... its water and good food.... rest, sleep and no gluten which is what started it all in first place.

So i have ulterior motives for my healthy eating as i cannot digest certain foods as the body is not made to digest gluten, red meat and for me it worse..

it just so happens it has helped my periods, my weight, how i feel( depression no more) , my fatigue so i just wanted to say there are ways to help urself that is not medication...

Awwwww hun that's real sad sorry you've gone through all that. I am really against meds only recently after research look up a, man called Dr moritz and the liver and gallbladder flush book he has opened my eyes so much to how our bofirs work despite illness if we just did what wec we're designed to do I believe we could deal v with illness and not let illness deal with us. In the western world there is so much diseases on the rise through the system throwing drugs fast convenience food in front of us that people are getting them selves in to real big messes. It's sad and everything around us has some toxin or something that's not right for us even down to our own 'clean water' it drives me mad. But we're just little puppets in this big money making system so it's a tough fight. Just have to try look after ourselves best we can. 💗😘

Yeh i agree very much... it my body i now know what it needs as it tells me, ive got to know it quite well over the last 3 months and it a resilient little bugger!

I wouldn't accept the liver meds I basically healed myself with water( lots of it) sleep, eating healthy eating, milk thistle, probiotics, digestive enzymes and aloe vera drink! When i went back to liver specialist after 5 days for bloods he was gobsmacked how much better my function was, when i went back again 3 days later he said they were nigh on back to normal... 2 weeks later his words " u are one very tough lucky lady"!!! But i still suffer if i dont drink enough through day!

So poisoning our body with meds is not always answer! Antibiotics can b just as bad as good if u overdose on them.

Endo can not b cured but u can help the symptoms with natural anti inflammatories, weight control, healthy food, food that doesnt bloat or make ur stomach work hard, help ur moods, ur pmt there are things u can do. I lived on naproxen, cocodamol, tranexamic acid and cbd oil.... now all i use is natural supplements and i still have to use tran acid coz i have clotting problems

What digestive enzymes do you use. I found serrapeptase and that's worked wonders for me unblocking my tubes.

See you are a prime example of the reason why nature healing is quite the better option. Give the book a look at that I mentioned the liver and gallbladder flush I bet you'll relate to it loads it might even help you further. These are things I want to do in the near future. I want my life and my families life to be lived and not lived around my Illness 💗😘

All holland and barratt, there mega probiotics, there own digestive enzyme, the mega evening primrose, vitamin c, tumeric and ginger are good as a natural anti imflamatory.

I also use a candida tablet called dida as because of the over use of the antibiotics it has given me stomach problems like ibs but not.... as it killed all the good bacteria in my stomach so that why i take the dida and probiotics it helps me eat but they all help everything really.

Im very wary of doctors and western med now just coz they seem to throw drugs at things before they even know whats wrong and if they do that to ur children there b antibiotic resistant or just used to being on drugs at such a young age there think that normal whereas they should b taught about natural remedies.

My mum always gave me peppermint tea if i had bad belly. Always gave me tiger balm rub on back and chest if i had a cold. Honey and lemon for sore throats ... i supose i just learnt from her... to this day she is 68 and has never even had a operation!!! She is healthier then me

I take a good food made probiotic got rid of my reoccurring thrush drink warm almond milk with ashgwhandha turmeric pepper cinnamon and honey on a night. Put soaked chia seeds and almonds in my smoothie on morning along with maca. But take serrapeptase Every morning before I eat anything. I'm defo going to do a big cleanse though and that way get rid of all the crap and hopefully keep the good if I can adopt this lifestyle now it will be normal for my daughter and hopefully she won't suffer the way I have. 💗😘

Endo is not weight related. Up until things got really bad for me (bad to the point that I couldn't go to a gym anymore or do long hikes or other exercises), I weighed between 95-100 pounds at 5 ft tall. And I still have been suffering for years. It has only been these last two years when things have gotten to the point of debilitating pain levels, that I have put on any weight. Now, I've gained almost 30 pounds, which is scary as hell, but I can't really do much about it as I physically can't exercise because I'm literally in pain most of the time. Moving makes my back pain flair up and I frequently feel like I'm pulling things inside me in ways they shouldn't be pulled when I even stand up from a sitting position.

But if weight was the issue, then I wouldn't have been suffering for the past 15 years.

Also, again, gluten is not bad for you unless you legitimately have celiacs disease. Please try to discern between good nutritionalist advice and pop fad new age diet schemes.

I personally don't eat red meat anyway as it destroys my stomach and processed foods and sugars are always great to avoid, but some things, such as gluten, are naturally occurring and aren't actually harmful for anyone unless they are medically diagnosed with an intolerance. Let's not make things harder on ourselves than they already are. If you are cutting gluten out of your diet, then please research the negative side effects that can come from that. You can accidentally deny yourself necessary vitamins and minerals by cutting gluten rich foods from your diet.

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