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Umm, kinda personal re. pre laparoscopy

Okay, so this is rather personal but I really don't know who else to ask. I'm certainly not going to ask my gynaecologist when I see him next as it's embarrassing!

But anyhow, here I go....since having my ex. laparoscopy in April, my orgasms haven't quite been the same. Anyone know if this is normal or just something completely unrelated? But it's literally been since I had it.

They are nice, and I kinda get there - but not right to the peak like before *blush*

I am now on prostap (started in July) as I have another op in October....hope it doesn't effect it further :O

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Hey hunni :)

You have nothing to be embarrassed about, if u look on my profile, I too wrote a post about this after I had a laparoscopy, I couldn't orgasm and I didn't know why & I got really upset about it.

I think for me it was psychological, I was thinking too much about what was going on inside me as I'd just got diagnosed, & I was thinking too much about climaxing.

Best thing to do is to have a good think about whether you are thinking too much during intercourse?

Just try to relax and take things slow, you will get there hunni,

Best of luck xxx


I'm similar, I've had a hysterectomy in July last year and before that it hurt loads to make love , now it's not half as bad, but I do take longer to organism , it could be the prostap also, as lots of ladies say about sex after menopause not being as intense,

I do think I was over thinking things abit tho,

Good luck x


Ive had hysterectomy and ovaries removed and therefore in menopause. And hormones do affect things. I am also on anti depressants for low mood caused by menopause and continuing endo pain and these also affect my ability "to get there" so unfortunately everything can have an affect and I'm hoping that in time everything will settle down and will go back to normal.


You shouldn't be embarrassed, it could be down to all sorts of reasons, nerves, the medication etc. You should get it checked out properly :)


Thanks everyone. Umm, how would I get it checked out properly please?

Also - I'm a weirdo and can only orgasm when I'm on my own :S


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