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Had my first lap

Hi all, hope you're having a good day. I had my first lap on Monday. My surgery wasn't till after 4pm so they kept me in for pain relief.this was a bit of a joke cos when I asked for pain relief in the middle of the night it took nurses over an hour to bring he paracetamol!!!! Eventually I got volterol. The next day I was so sore and as my husband and 3 kids were in my hospital room waiting to take be home the dr came round and suggested I stay in for some tramadol. I was kinda relived. Well once again when I requested tramadol the dr hadn't written it up and was no where to be found rrrrrgh. Well I'm home now . Can't believe how people do this as day surgery lol . Well to cut a long story short they excised endo from my uterus and removed a dermoid cyst from my right ovary. I forgot to ask about my left ovary (which couldn't be found during scans) but I'll ask at my check up appointment. There's no endo on my bowel which I'm delighted about. I've had the mirena coil put in. Here's hoping I can start enjoying life !

Thanks for all your advice these past few weeks x

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