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Bleeding/heavy spotting 1+ month after laparoscopy

Hi, I had my first laparoscopy with removal of stage 4 endometriosis on the 13th June, and although I feel much better and the pain is gone, I've been having light and heavy spotting, as well as "fresh" blood that would look like the first day of my period, only I'm on the pill and tricycling, so I don't have a period...I'm worried this is abnormal, has anyone else has the same experiences?

If I call the GP probably they will tell me there's not much they can do, so wondering if I should worry or not. It can happen any day, and some days I don't get it, but it's quite frequent (1-4 days a week).

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Hi! I'm exactly the same I had my lap on the 11th of June for stage 4 Endo and am tricycling the pill - I have had daily spotting/bleeding since starting the second pack - it's now getting a bit heavier. I too have been wondering what to do. I emailed my nurse specialist on Friday but am still waiting to get a reply. But I think I will just have a break at the end of the second pack which finishes this weekend. I have been on the same pill previously and tricycled and not had these symptoms before. It maybe due to the fact that I started the first pack post op which was mid-cycle.

You are not alone but I can't offer any advice at the moment as I am in the same boat xx


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