Does endo show up on MRI?

I'm asking because my gyn is refusing to do a lap, and when I asked for an MRI she said it wouldn't show more then the ultrasound did. But I've read on this forum that MRI's do show endo.

My pain isn't getting better as well as I have new symptoms. And the last appointment I had with her (Tuesday) she said she wanted to put me on Lupron and wanted to put me on a painkiller I put up my butt, if the progesterone only pill and higher dose of painkillers I'm on now don't work. I won't be able to see my new gyn until halloween and I'm 17, she and my doctor won't refer me to one of the specialists here...

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  • Fingers another gp, and get a second opinion, or ask gp for a second opinion. You are within your rights to get one,

    An MRI can show up endo, but isn't conclusive, mine hasn't shown any endo up, but I'm sure I have some left or back, I'm awaiting another laparoscopy,

    Good luck, xx

  • I have had 3 trans vaginal scans this year and they all picked up nothing except an ovarian cyst,Mri in April showed deep infiltrating endo so she's wrong.they found nodules in my vesco pouch,behind uterus,ovaries adhered to nodule etc and scans showed nothing hope this helps xx

  • I'm sure Mri only picks up deep endo as in nodular though and not superficial xx

  • MRI will usually not show up peritoneal endo (the usual form of pelvic endo) that is often only identified at a lap as this is in the form of flat shallow lesions unless it is well advanced and has infiltrated through the peritoneum into pelvic structures. MRI shows up ovarian endo (endometriomas), deep nodular endo, dense adhesions and anatomical abnormality that are not always visible at a diagnostic lap since nodules are usually hidden beneath adhesions or outside the peritoneal cavity altogether. As part of a lap it is a requirement to do a rectovaginal exam with fingers to feel for such nodules which would then indicate the need for an MRI for more thorough investigation if deep endo is felt. Whilst a lap can be considered definitive for peritoneal endo (assuming the surgeon is sufficiently skilled and experienced to know what they are looking for, which many general gynaecologists aren't) it doesn't rule out deep endo if nothing is found and whilst MRI is definitive for deep endo it doesn't rule out peritoneal endo if nothing is revealed. No one procedure on its own can be considered definitive in terms of an overall picture and a combined approach is needed, including transvaginal ultrasound that with an experienced sonographer can pick up pretty much what an MRI can.

    I'm not sure what the situation is in Canada regarding options for seeing a 'proper' endo specialist.

  • I had an MRI which didn't show any endo, but have recently had a laparoscopy which did and they have now removed it. The hospital said the only conclusive way to know is a lap. Best of luck with getting a diagnosis.

  • Should I have had any scan before my laps, as I was being treated at a bsge centre xxx

  • Thanks for the answers:)

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to get an appointment sooner with another gyn, I want a second opinion and my doctor sent a letter in asking for a sooner date but that's the closest they had. And my gyn became defensive when I asked for a referral to someone else too or even for them to come in during an appointment.

  • Yes an Mri will show adenomyosis. I had an unusual Mri done where the gel of an ultrasound was injected via my vaginal and anal canal. It was so uncomfortable and embarrassing but they explained that the gel makes it better for them to view the uterine cavity. I said well what do I have to loose and the next day was given the diagnosis of adenomyosis.

  • What you had done must be been uncomfortable - I wish I was offered the same as what you had as it probably would have prevented me having a hysterectomy­čś×

    I was diagnosed without any imaging and had the hysterectomy as my consultant said I had adenomyosis. I now have more pain than I had before the hysterectomy and I've recently found out I didn't have adenomyosis­čśş xxx

  • I had just about every scan possible but none of them showed endo and adhesions in my pouch of Douglas. It was only when they did the lap that they discovered the problem x

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