Very sore down below

Hi all I had my lap last Monday and they burned away the endo in my Douglas pouch and by my abdomen. I am bleeding now keeps going bright red the pen brown with bits of the endo but what is annoying me is because I'm wearing pads ALL the time my skin down by my vagina is peeling away red raw I went to the docs yesterday and they gave me canesten cream for it. Has anyone had this at all? And how long did it last? Please help I just want to be free down there but can't lol

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  • coconut oil is really good for thrush type infections and soothing too hope that might be helpful . Sometimes the chemicals they put in the pads to make them super absorbent are an irritant too maybe get some organic ones. Sorry I sound like right hippy but from taking loads of antibiotics in the past have a few things I do to hold off that horrible pain :( hope you feel better soon :)

  • Thank you Hun. I appreciate all the advice. X

  • Oh also the coconut oil do you drink it or put it on myself down below? X

  • put it down below I put it up inside as well most supermarkets have it in a jars it's a bit of a superfood , super cure all fashionable thing at the moment but I think it does really work :) :) , lots of stuff about it online too , probably not at the same time as canestan though ?? not sure about that.

    I alway use it at slightest itch, it moisturising and anti fungal/ anti bacterial too I think. I not a Dr though obviously it just a home remedy but always works for me and not messy as you just absorb it so even if it very sore shouldn't irritate . Hope it might work and you start feeling better soon it's the worse annoying pain isn't it on top of post lap pain too, I really feel for you.

  • Thank you hunni. I will give it a go. Xx

  • Hello

    I know your pain! Ive had to wear pads for a month following removal of Mirena & horrific bleeding. Ive actually been using 'Sudocrem care & protect' its a lighter version of the original & designed for daily use on delicate areas. Someone recommended it to me & its been amazing!

    Interesting about Coconut oil, never thought of it before so cheers for that too.


  • I usually use natural yoghurt or have a bath with tea tree oil just add to drops to ur bath another good thing to drink is actimel it help good bacteria in the stomach and kill of the bad hope you feel better soon xc

  • Hi Becky, I've had this, it got to the point where I felt I had loads of tiny cuts down there. Everything hurt peeing, having sex, even wearing knickers :(

    After numerous tests for thrush etc I started using double base shower gel and cream down there. It has all but got rid of the awful stinging/burning feeling.

    Btw I felt canesten cream aggravated it and burnt even more using it. x

  • I would say Change more often than usuall. use soft toilet tissue , sensitive wet wipes after toilet and dab dry with soft tissue before reapplying any cream. If your sitting and lying down maybe try alternating positions to relieve pressure .

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