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Bad skin / hair / nails - run down

Hi Ladies, does anyone find with their endo they are run down all the time? Effecting skin / hair / nails , how quickly cuts / brusing heals etc? I had an endo flare up following a few procedures I the last few months and I feel so run down. Resting eating well etc but just don't seem to be able to bounce back. Does anyone take any suppliments that they find help?

I only really get the pains during/ around my periods and whilst/after exercising, so I am not in constant pain like some of you. I apologise in advance if my issues seem insignificant to you, I can only begin to imagine how some of you poor girlie's are suffering xx

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Hi - have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms to see what you identify with x


I suffer with brittle nails (good excuse to visit the nail salon every 2 weeks for acrylics), my hair is completely lifeless and my skin dry. I'm also permanently run down and seem to catch everything going and take ages to recover. I am yet to find anything that helps but I know people who swear by echinacia might be worth a try. I hope you find something that helps. Good luck xxxx


I'm the same. Bruise like a peach and constantly feel drained and tired. If I have a busy weekend it knocks me for six for the coming two weeks. My skin scars easily and takes ages to heal too. X I try to take multi vitamins but doesnt have much affect. So I just have to listen to my body and take things slowly x


Hi. Im the same. Im bad most of the time but now have morphine at home for when it gets really bad. I find being at work is a good way to block it out or id sit at home feeling sorry for myself. I take multi vitamins. About to have a second operation. Your feeling how most of us feel I think. It takes over your life. Hope this makes you feel a bit better.


My nails and skin are a complete mess. I've started taking evening primrose oil but it's too early to see if it'saling a difference xx


Hi. Yes I have the same too since my endo symptoms started a couple of years ago. I have acne and my hair breaks really easily. On antibiotics for the acne but they're not really helping. I've started taking multivitamins and they do seem to be helping with my hair. maybe you could try vitamins and see how you get on? Worth a go. X


Hi, it's not insignificant to ask these questions, these symptoms too, are a burden and damaging to your mental health, I find. I had always been so lucky. My skin was perfect, no blemishes, and really soft. All over my body. Even my feet. And my hair was long and shiny. My nails were lovely. But I started to get a recurrence of my endo symptoms really badly last October, and things then snowballed so quickly for me. I've just had my second lap, and was diagnosed with adenomyosis at the same time. Now there's nothing more they can do except try a hysterectomy. But the point is that over these past six months everything has gone downhill in my body. I've lost a couple of pounds without trying, which is great, but more due to being in too much pain to eat than anything else. And being on a massive dose of morphine every day. My nails were the first to go. They got really brittle and thin, then started drying and flaking. Then I noticedfor the first time in my life, my heels had become cracked and really try. With this horrid dry, thick, hard skin that was really sore. And now it's my hair. I have quite long hair, below my shoulder blades. But it's started coming out in handfuls as I wash my hair in the shower, or in the brush. I know this is also compounded by the morphine. All this adds up to me not feeling pretty or feminine as I used to, which along with everything else is so damaging to my mental health.

I've been usin coconut oil on my feet and along with a few good home pedicures and a pumice stone, they're starting to look soft and pretty again. And on my hair. And whilst I. Can't tell yet if it's helped with the shedding, it has definitely made it stronger and shinier. With my nails, I popped into my local "Sally" store (they do wholesale beauty supplies to therapists and the public). And spoke to staff there. They were really helpful and recommended a natural nail hardener to me that is formaldehyde free, called ASP botanical nail strengthener. I've only had it a few days, but it seems to be working already.

Good luck. If you find anything else that helps, it would be awesome to hear about it. Xx

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That sounds like me! Just had endo removed but also have adenomyosis. I never had spots, even in my teens but do as an adult, my nails are ridged dry and brittle my hair is dry and coming out (I have a lot of hair so you don't notice but I know) and my heels are disgusting - I have to file them regularly and use heavy duty moisturisers. Do you think it can get better now endo is removed (tho I still obviously have adenomyosis). My skin is really dry too and I regularly moisturise.


Hi there,

I am the same. Used to live in Australia for two years and that was before I got diagnosed with Endo.

Had beautiful skin, never had any blemishes, scars or acne. Had lovely, strong hair which was very long at the time and perfect nails. Also was a size 6.

Never weak, ill or exhausted like I am now.

I was on the pill (Microgynon) as I always had awful period pain.

Anyway I moved to the UK in 2009 and in 2012 I met my partner.

I got diagnosed with Endo soon after and since then everything went downhill.

I am constantly exhausted, my skin is awfully dry, got acne all over my back, shoulders and a bit on my face at the age of 30!! My hair doesn't grow well anymore as it breaks all the time.

I got a lot of grey ones as well.

My nails seem okay.

Oh and because I can't exercise like I used too I am now a size 8-10.

I very short 5'1 so every weight I gain shows straight away even though I take our dog out for 30-45 mins every day.

One thing that helps a bit with my skin and energy levels is the Endometriosis Diet!! (No sugar, no gluten & wheat, very little meat, no cows milk for me as I am lactose intolerant.. )

I also seem to keep my weight easier on this diet.

Also take the following supplements:

Wellwoman, extra Vitamin D 25ug, 120mg Co Q10, fish oils, extra Vit C & Serrapeptase. If I feel run down like now then I also take garlic tablets.

One thing I noticed is that even though I try my hardest to stay healthy I am always ill :-(

But one reason might be that I also have Asthma and several allergies one being to dust. Xx


Does the endometriosis diet involve eating little meat then? I can't really do that, I'm b12 deficient (plus I am a real carnivore). I've gained an awful lot of weight so I feel your pain. I'm 5'6 and was always a uk 8-10 and went up to a 14 at my biggest... I'm dropping back and fit in a 12 now which isn't too bad at my height but with hypothyroidism, endo and vitamin b12 and d deficiency half the time it's difficult to know to what the symptoms relate.


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