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What does that mean?!

Hi ladies,

I am undiagnosed, I had my first ultrasound a week and a half ago, it showed fibroids, went to the doctor today to discuss the scan like he said, he asked me how I'd been since I last saw him and told me the next step is to have a blood test, see him a week later and he will refer me. When I asked him what he thought is causing my pain he said possible ectopic lining of the womb, what does that mean? Is it another word for endometriosis? X

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Hi jojo, I've just googled it and I think that's what he means, that it's endometriosis.


Thank you, my friend found this en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ade... Could kick myself for not asking him to elaborate lol


Don't think that worked properly en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ade...


Yeah could be adenomyosis . I think ectopic means when something grows in the wrong place. So it could be either.

Either way both can cause pain.

I think the fact that there are fibroids it's more likely to be endo. You could always give him a call and ask what he meant.


Thank you, it does sound like they are both similar doesn't it. To be honest I'm still quite surprised that he straight away decided to send me for tests and not just put me back on the pill because I told him I didn't have the symptoms whilst on it! I kind of want to find out what it is now though before taking something to mask it!

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