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After my gyn appt .. Don't no what to think

Well went to my gyn appt to ask for referral to specialist centre and I don't really no what to think. Initially he said since my injections are working it defiantly is a gyn problem. He then said I will give u ur second injection today and start u on HRT as u don't need it really until u have been on injections for 6 months... So hoping these will help with my side effects hot flushes sleepless night etc. I then asked him if I could be refereed to specialist please is reply being well I don't think u have endo so I think u need to get you expectations down. I then said well why and what do u think I have.... He replied by saying he doesn't no it may just be a women's problem that we never get to the bottom of. I then said and why do u think it's not endo he said well I did a lap in 2013 and I am a good gyn and looked everywhere and there was none. I felt very upset as I felt he was continuously making me feel like I was telling him he wasn't good gyn and that wasn't the point at all. Anyway after a long cry he said I will put u on these injections for a year and after that we will discuss takin u off them and see if pain disappears... I was angry at this point but have agreed to remain on them hoping it will continue as it has. He then told me overall we may never get to the bottom of the problem but by Turning your ovaries off and Putin me into medical menopause the end result will probably be a hysterectomy. I wanted to find someone else thoughts on this or if they have been thro similar. I said I will do what he says but I want the referral too he didn't look pleased very annoyed. Just hope it all works out

Thanks for reading the long story

Any feedback appreciated


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Hi hunny, if I was you I would go to your gp and tell them your not happy with results from gyne and you want a refferal to a bsge centre,



Sorry your appointment not gone well. I had my 2nd Prostap injection last Friday (see my post you were replying to last week) and I also mentioned to my GP about a referral to endo centre. My usual GP (a male) was ill so another GP (female) did the injection instead. She said that since I am due to see general gyny in about 1.5 months for a repeat ultrasound and ca125 blood test I could mention referral to him but general gyny can sometimes be a bit awkward to speak to about a referral to another gyny (even thou it would be a endo gyny) as they do think you think they not good enough. My lady GP said if I didn't want to speak to my gyny for a referral she would do it for me. I would try speaking to your GP (maybe a woman who might be a bit more sympathetic?) and see if they can refer you to endo centre?

Good luck and don't be fobbed off for another year X


Just re-read my post. What I meant was the lady GP said she would do referral for me if not want to speak to general gyny about a referral X


I would second what the other ladies have said. Ask your GP to refer you.

I asked my general gyne, and she originally said no. And wanted me to have injections to bring on the menopause. I felt like I was given no time to even think about it.

I got a little bit annoyed and point blank said that I didn't want her treating me and to refer to my choice of hospital. Since I have been at the specialist hospital they did a lap to remove endometriosis. So touch wood I haven't had to go down the temporary menopause route.

I can see why gynecologists get annoyed by us asking for referrals. But I think we are entitled to the best treatment. Hope your GP can help x


Thanks so much for all ur feed backs... I think I wrote the last part wrong at the end he did say I'll do a referral but it's not endo so it's a waste of time basically but he has put one tho hopefully... I just got the impression he was like I've looked and sure u don't and I'm right as I am a gyn u no nothing ...almost like he was saying I'm pushing for it to be endo which I thought was not nice. I will continue on these injections and see how I am starting hrt so should be able to manage a normal life I hope...until they stop in a year and hopefully be seen within then . Just wondering with me being on these injections will all endo be gone really if my pain completely goes?


Hi again, from what I've read on here I don't think the injections will get rid of the endo but just help with pain and maybe stop it growing any more. X


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