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What does adnexal tenderness mean?

I know we aren’t doctors but has anyone else’s gynae told you about having adnexal tenderness?

Two gynaes have said this to me and wrote it in their reports back to my doctor, yet I don’t know what it means. I’ve tried google (bad idea) but that comes up with adnexal masses in the uterus area and ovaries. Which kinda freaked me out.

I always have tenderness in the very bottom of my stomach so maybe that’s why. Any advice or help would be amazing right now. 💕

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I'm new to this forum and have never heard of this term before. I haven't been diagnosed yet. However I typed in adnexal and one definition says adnexal pain is 'discomfort arising from the fallopian tubes and ovaries'. As I haven't been diagnosed maybe someone with endo may know xx


I haven’t heard of it either but since two gynaes mentioned it, maybe something is wrong. I’m still waiting for a lap to get a diagnosis but just curious about what this term means.

All I found was adnexal mass which is a lump of tissue in the structure of the uterus, tubes or ovaries. But I think my doctor or gynae would of said something if it was that. Xx


I would try not to get too worried. Maybe you could phone GP or hospital just to clarify what they mean. I suffer every day with abdominal tenderness and I hope to get a diagnosis soon :( good luck with your laparoscopy xx



Adnexa refers to the area around an organ, or parts joined to it. I guess in your case this could be around your uterus or ovaries. I expect it’s common to have adnexal tenderness when there is pain in an organ like in endo.


Okay thank you. So is it a possibility there’s endo on my ovaries or in that area xx


You need to stop using it hun. It's chemotherapy. I run a group called Lupron warriors on facebook send a request to join and you can see the evidence for yourself hun. I'm disabled now because of it and very ill.

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What do you mean


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