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Endo diet and maintaining weight

Fortunatly im naturally slim, im currently trying the endo diet and have cut most things out. I now eat Lots of fruit veg chicken and fish. I feel great for it, but does anyone know how to maintain your weight whilst on this diet, as im losing weight but want to stay the same or will be looking too skinny. Would be greatful for any advice.

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Hi Sades,

I started a more endo friendly diet and lost a stone in about 5 weeks which worried me a bit. However, my weight stabilised and I'm just right now. I wasn't really overweight to begin with but probably needed to lose a bit.

I still feel I have to be careful that I don't lose more weight. So many 'diets' focus on weight loss.

If you continue to lose weight it might be worth finding a good nutritionist to help you.

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My suggestion would be to eat lots of nuts. Things like pistachios. Loads of Omega 3 in them and high in good fats.try to incorporate some into your diet.


Thank you for you replys xx


What's the endometriosis diet??

I really need to lose at least 5 stone (ideally)

Sorry I'm not sure how u could maintain maybe if ur allowed have a nourishment drink or build up drinks along with ur diet.

If that's allowed. Best off to ask ur GP though


Hi bimbo82.

There are loads of books and info if your type it in google. I downloaded a cheap short e book off of amazon as i didnt think i would get into it as u have to cut out ALOT! And i love my food ( get pain free and naturally pregnant i think it was called) but i have been doing it for 2 weeks now, and feel great for it! First time in ages i feel like me again.

I have cut out wheat, gluten, diary as well as refined sugars and caffine and red meat.

Its pretty much just eating natural foods, no processed foods. Lots of chicken fish fruit veg nuts and seeds.

Sounded like it would be awful when i first read about it, but its better and more variety then it first sounds. I eat loads, just of the right stuff and lost 5lb already.

I was in lots of pain and bloating everyday i couldnt get through a day with having to undo my trousers due to bloating. Since starting it ive only bloated once and thats because i ate out and cheated abit! If im honest i didnt think it would work, and actually hoped it wouldnt so i could get bk to my chocolate and crisps. But wanted to try everything possible to help my endo and conceive naturally. And im shocked by how effective its been.

Hope thats abit of help. Xx


Hello, I had the same problem when I started the endo diet and was told to eat lots of good fats - so olive oil dressing on salads, hummus and nuts and seeds. Check out the ingredients on some wholefood cereal bars without sugar in them. Things stabilised for me after 3-6 months. good luck with it.


Thank u EmB18, olive oil dressing is a good shout, i will try that. X


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