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Pain come back after laparotomy

hi am 24 years old, married before one year, i am facing endometriosis from 2 years,5 months ago i had laparotomy to remove the left ovarian cyst.. now i am taking danzol, gaentcologist recommended taking this medicine for 6 months. Now i'm feeling again endo symptoms i.e severe heart pain, nausea, pain in left abdomen, back pain headache.what should i do for this plz help me in this regard.

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Unfortunately you need to go back to the dr. I had surgery for endo removal in jan 2014. It never stopped the pain. I spent the past 2 years going through birth controls trying to find what might help me. Pain killers don't help much either. My gyno did tell me that she might not have gotten it all, as it can be too small for the naked eye to see.


thanks a lot Aardvarklips, but have you any idea what the hell is this disease, after surgery and medicine why pain and other symptoms again happening?


Sure, we are still producing enough estrogen to promote new growth.

There are a few lucky women who once it's been removed, it is permanently gone. Then there are the rest of us. Where no matter what we do, it always comes back. I think our bodies are not able to fight it as well as it should. It seems to be some sort of autoimmune disease. Which given all my allergies (food and environmental), this makes perfect sense to me why my body can't fight it off on it's own. And I have been doing my homework. Menopause may not remove it either like they thought. Again, some women yes. It turns out our endo produces it's own estrogen. Kinda like a self sustaining world. It produces the endo to feed off of and get bigger.

I honestly don't know what the next steps are. I have heard they are working on an experimental drug even as we speak. It's in the testing stages right now. I certainly hope that it will help us, and soon. :)


Go back to docs.. .mine came back 4months after lapo.. 2years later after a long fight im due my lapo AGAIN... Coil fitting this time too. Never give up fighting you know your bodys pain and its not right we suffer


Thanx a lot. i'll go to dr, but i know she give me pain killers which i already taking sometimes,


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