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Hello everyone

I've just found an app and website for 'Deliciously Ella', which features gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes : can't seem to paste the link here but thought I would share in case it can help anyone.

I have stage 4 endo and am feeling pretty rubbish at the moment : lots of migraines and generally feeling rough. Have been trying to make dietary changes these last few months and figured the Deliciously Ella app might be a good starter when you don't know where to start and are too frazzled!

Fingers crossed X X X X

(Update : fruit /dates /raisins seem to feature in some recipes so I guess not strictly 100% sugar free, but will give this a go anyway and post any keep you posted)

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  • Do you find that watching what you eat helps with the pain?

  • It has a massive affect. I have gone from period pain so bad it compares to child birth, whereas the last period I had I could stop the pain with just a paracetamol! For me, that is miraculous, as all my life it has been very bad.

    Inflammation is a huge cause of endo pain, and those foods all exacerbate it.


  • Hi there,

    I have been strictly sugar/gluten/dairy free since February and with huge success.

    I follow the diet as recommended by DR Lara Briden in The Period Repair Manual.

    For dairy The diet is all dairy cut out except, organic butter, ricotta and heavy cream, because these have almost or no (I cant remember which) casein in them.

    It has helped miraculously with the pain.

    I used to get such bad pain it was like child birth, and I have had a tooth pulled without working anesthetic, periods were as bad.

    The biggest thing for me was sugar, as I tried to not cut it out entirely but it didnt work. If you want to try it I get the feeling it really only works to follow that - no gluten/dairy/sugar.

    I make a menu each week and have hundreds of recipes. If anyone is interested I am happy to email, as I know one of the hardest steps is starting.


  • Hello I am really interested in some more information and if u could email them or private message me and I'll give u my email address. Really at last resort and diet I think would help thanks x

  • This sounds great. How did you get started? I've started looking into it before but the literature can be a little confusing. Is the lara briden book a good place to start? I love cooking (and eating!) and I think if I can understand the basic rules, I'll probably be able to amend my diet quite quickly. I assume it has to be all or nothing for it to work?

  • HI there,

    Yes, the best place to start is the book.

    Yes, it does have to be all or nothing. I have done gluten/sugar free before, and it helped, but it was not until I followed ALL the advice in the book (bear in mind when you feel you are giving birth with your period you want that to never happen again)

    that it worked for me.

    Please realise, I have only been on it for about 10 weeks so I still get fatigue, but less often, still get pains, but before 10+, now about a 2-3 when not my period and the last period I could actually stop the pain with paracetamol.

    You are right about the literature, so I have offered to send out menus and recipes to get people started. I found it really hard when I first went just sugar and gluten free and had wanted to for a long time, but because of a sweet tooth didn't.

    It wasn't until I found one cookie recipe that had no sugar, I thought 'I can do this'

    If you want to have some help from me with menus, recipes etc send me an email

    Please understand I am not a writer, or blogger, so while it may seem wordy, or things pop up in odd places as I think of info to share, I will do my best to make things clear!

    All the best


  • That is so, so kind of you. :) This is why I love this site. Women supporting women - it's such a positive thing!

    I'll drop you a note. :)

  • Hiya. Sorry to hear that you're feeling so rubbish :( Thinking about it, I've no idea what stage engo I have?

    But anyways, I am following your post as I read somewhere that diet can effect things. I remember thinking "Really?" as it doesn't seem right to me....but I really don't know about these things. So I'm intrigued to learn how your diet can help?

  • Hi Buttoon,

    the reason this diet has such a huge effect is because the foods you avoid are inflammatory.

    I have just had my book The Period Repair Manual returned by my friend and in it Dr Briden says, "based on my experience with hundreds of endometriosis sufferers, I can assure you that the natural treatments are very likely to work for you".

    I can testify that this is the case, as it is working for me.

    The immune system is a part of the problem with this disorder. "Your immune system produces inflammatory cytokines and autoantibodies that inflamme the lesions and promote their growth. Without that inflammation you are unlikely to suffer the condition"

    So, by cutting out foods that promote cytokines, etc and taking inflammatory foods out of the equation you can have great success in getting better.


  • Wow, that's really interesting - thanks for replying :) Maybe I need to look in to this, only I'm scared as I like my food :(

  • Hi there,

    I have just started an email group to send out recipes and menus.

    Don't worry I love my food too!

    I make about 2 new foods a week, at least, from what I have found in a book or online.

    I have a huge repertoire from raw pizza (which is actually incredibly amazing) to my own home made chocolate flavoured cereal using buckwheat.

    Of course, the first menu I am sending out I am trying to make fairly easy for people who are just getting started.

    You could send me an email and when I have the menu done I could email you and you can see what you think.

    Also, take a quick look on pinterest - Lisa Whitehead - at my endometriosis board or side dish sensations. Some are ones I would now not cook, but most cover this diet.


  • That's great thanks :) I'll email you now :D

  • I should say the dried fruit thing is where some people come undone, thinking they're ok, but they really only are in moderation.

    The recommendations I were given and follow, no more than about 1tsp a day of honey, whereas before I would not use 'sugar' but do treats with dates, etc. still had pains if I did.

  • You can also check out

    150+ recipes tips and tricks for IBS PCOS ENDO and overall wellbeing all gluten dairy and egg free / vegan, nutrient packed. Facebook/coconutandwhat

    Instagram/ coconutandwhat

    Hope that helps

  • Kiwimedic I would be really interested in your meal ideas, really trying to give this clean eating for endo a go!

  • HI, not sure if I replied to this here or somewhere? If not, you can email me at

  • Hey everyone ☺️ So glad this has helped get a lot of great ideas and suggestions going, thanks so much!!

    Ironically way back 20+ years ago when I first felt ill, I thought I had systemic candida due to ongoing thrush, upset stomach and set about going on a bit of a restricted diet but with no guidance. I was late teens, on the pill to help aid heavy painful periods and was stumbling round in the dark looking for clues, getting absolutely nowhere with doctors.

    I'd found cutting out bread, wheat, milk and chocolate seemed to help. But I went too far and cut out tonnes of food and ended up pretty underweight and run down. A few years later and with a colonoscopy and barium xray under my belt to investigate now really troubling tummy upsets, I saw a homeopathic doc. He put me on official anti candida diet but also prescribed high dose vitamin C to ***help reduce inflammation***, as well as homeopathic remedies and minerals. I felt loads better and the ulcers and patches of inflammation which previously appeared in my bowel were no longer there at follow up!

    Stayed on this diet for years, got through university and got degree and first job, but was still not feeling 100% well. I couldn't figure out why I had candida - it was usually a problem for people with comprised immune systems? What was at the root of it all? A trip to Africa a few years ago convinced me I had a parasite (!) - spent hundreds on remedies but didn't get 'better' til I took a simple anti parasite remedy from the USA.

    Feeling massively better I started reintroducing everything back into my diet, felt and looked lots better....until killer period pains appeared out of nowhere. Thought I had food poisoning. Absolutely crippling. It continued each month. A friend suggested mefemanic acid so off I went to docs and got by on this every period.

    But I still wasn't right. Exhausted, burned out, making stupid mistakes at work, periods still disabling.

    Finally diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis last Nov at age 40, only picked up as we prepared for first time IVF. Also have frozen pelvis. Migraines are a real problem now too. Working full-time and finding it really difficult.

    We're looking at a second go of IVF but really want to give diet a try and see if it can get this inflammation down.

    Currently looking at benefits of high dose vitamin C for us ladies, will post back again soon 💓

    Thanks so much! X X X X

    Sorry that was so long 😲

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