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Endometriosis Diet - More Recipes Added for you all x x x

Here are the recipes i have created this week all: gluten free, wheat free, soya free, refined sugar free, rice free, some vegan. Crohns, Coeliac & Endometriosis Safe.

Gooey Mint Chocolate Brownies - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

White Chocolate - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

Millionaires Shortbread - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

Welsh Cakes -http://josephine-eliza.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/dydd-gwyl-dewi-sant-hapus-little-late-x.html

Banoffee Pie with a twist - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

Hot Cross Buns - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

Garlic Roast Chicken Sunday Dinner - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

Scotch Faux Eggs - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

Chocolate Birthday Carrot Cake - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

Ginger Noodle Soup - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

Cream Cheese Icing -http://josephine-eliza.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/raw-vegan-frosting-cream-cheese.html

Blanching Almonds - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

How to make Raw Almond Butter - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

3 way fish cakes - josephine-eliza.blogspot.co...

WOW i didn't know i had written so many since last time! x x x

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you're on here too! busy lady. I'm following your recipes. genius! you've brightened my kitchen. just got my almond flour I got from amazon. been following you on endometriosis diet fb page :)

Thank you x


p.s, if you're well enough, you should open a cafe/ bistro. there's nothing around that does enough gluten and dairy free stuff. x


Wow that is such a compliment! I'm so happy you feel that way,I'm trying to work towards something but a cafe is a little out of my reach atm, have you tried any recipes or are you just starting? If you have any questions or any thoughts you can email me at Josephineeliza@rocketmail.com x x x. Thank You again x. X x


Aww, thank you. Been doing my own recipes for a couple of years that I've been doing the diet but yours are better than the books :) You should do a book!



no problem lovely, Aww wow Id love to see some of yours, You are so sweet :) I am working on it but need more recipes and to find myself someone who will sell and obviously buy ha ha x x x


I will buy! :) xxx


Thank You x x x


Which almond flour is the best? x


If you are buying then Organic Almond Flour will be best lovely, However you can make your own with raw almonds ground with a high speed blender works just as good x x


Thanks :) It's endostar btw! Your mint brownies look soooo yummy xx


I had a slight inkling from the pink star ;), They are quite scrumy let me know if you do make them won't you x x x


Hehe I know what you're like with names ;-) I will do, might even try this weekend! xx


Ha Ha yes I am hopeless but I'm learning :) oooh take a photo for me to see please x x x


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