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Gluten Free endo diet


I’ve recently been diagnosed with endo and I had my follow up call from the endometriosis nurse. She was lovely and gave me lots of advice.

One thing she did advise is to go gluten free, as I have endo on my bowel and therefore bowel problems.

Has anyone else had this recommendation? If so how are you finding it? (Apart from expemsive 😂)

Lisa x

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Hi L

I found cutting down on bread and pasta worked for me. So not exactly gluten free but being more mindful. My GP gave me lactalose to try during certain days of the month and what a difference. It's all trial and error. You'll know when you have overdone it. Good luck xx

lisams88 in reply to WeeJacs

Thankyou. I was advised to try it for 8 weeks to see if it helps at all. At this point, I’m up for trying anything. Thankyou xx

Wheat free is what I was advised but I guess its the same as gluten free as wheat contains gluten. I do treat myself every now and then to a small portion. I also do clean eating so nothing processed, or sweet things ie cakes. Save those for special occassions.

Good luck :0)

lisams88 in reply to Merlion09

Hi, Thankyou for your response. I try to eat well too and I go to the gym. Although, I admit it’s been hard these past couple of months with pain. Xx

Hi I recently started the endo diet / gluten free stuck to it for 2 weeks, had my last lap 2 weeks ago so just about recovered. Noticed I feel more awake and less bloated but the endo nurse said the benefits to the endo will be felt further down the line, it takes time.

M&S and Waitrose do lots of GF options!

Defiantly go for it as it’s all suppose to help

lisams88 in reply to Kate345

Hi Kate, that’s definitly what I need. I am constantly fatigued and bloated too.

I popped into my local Asda today but their choice wasn’t great. I will try M&S as we don’t have a Waitrose near to me. Thankyou hun. My op was 8 days ago and I need another to remove the endo 😔 good to hear you are recovering well. Xx

Kate345 in reply to lisams88

Same here!

I needed to change my diet because I can’t just live off Costa forever, it’s reaky not good for you but you don’t realise at the time. I’ve completely changed my diet around, fruit veg, gluten free and a lot of diary free when I can. Our body is the machine to keep us going so makes sense to fule it!

M&S is the queen on gluten free so many options!

lisams88 in reply to Kate345

I go to Costa every morning on the way to work as a pick me up. Thankyou for your advice, I’m definitly going today 😘

Hidden in reply to lisams88

I would be careful drinking to much caffeine , sugar and milk. They also are not good for Endometriosis. Refined sugar you should avoid. Black decafe or black coffee stick to one or two a day. Milk have almond, rice , Coconut. Cow's milk contain estrogen which feeds endometriosis so best to avoid cow's milk products. Try goat or sheet instead as estrogen levels are lower. Gluten like wheat also contain estrogen so if you are estrogen dominant you should avoid them if you have endometriosis. Some plants like soy / soya and flaxseed are phytoestrogen. They mimic estrogen so will give the same effect as eating gluten or wheat and dairy do. They don't contain estrogen but mimic it so can make you feel bad still.

lisams88 in reply to Hidden


Thankyou for your advice. I asked my endo nurse about milk/dairy products and she just advised me to stick to no gluten for now to see how I go. I'm going to cut down on dairy but she said its a staple part of a healthy diet so to stick with it for now. She did say that if the gluten fee isn't helping then she would discuss dairy free too.


Hidden in reply to lisams88

That's good. Eliminating one thing at a time is not a bad thing.

I hope the gluten free diet helps your body heal😀😀😀

lisams88 in reply to Hidden

Thankyou. I will post how it is going :)

Also, my body doesn't tolerate oestrogen and I'm a high probability of a stroke as I suffer migraines. Its like my body is already telling me not to eat foods with it in.


I’ve recently been diagnosed with endo too. Had endo on my bowel too. I’ve started my endo diet. Cutting gluten and diary out of my diet. Finding it really hard atm! It’s going to take some getting used to. I’m okay with everything else, just having problem with gluten free bread and dairy free milk. Good luck xxx

lisams88 in reply to Aisha12

Hi Aisha, I started it yesterday and I never realised how much food had gluten in! I’m trying the bread this morning, I will let you know my thoughts. Thankyou xx

Lulububs in reply to Aisha12

Soya milk best i like it better then cowsmilk

Aisha12 in reply to Lulububs

Soya isn’t good for endo either. Almond, coconut or any other non diary products are better alternatives. For me the main problem is getting used to the milk! We’re creatures of habit, so I guess over time it’s something I’ll get used to x

lisams88 in reply to Aisha12

I liked the Gluten free bread. It is just Asda's own brand :) xx

Aisha12 in reply to lisams88

I will have to make a visit to Asda! x

Im on this diet but for ibs c not endo although it is thought i may have endo aswell missed in a lap.

I started year ago now and never looked back ... it best thing i ever did coz i was highly intolerant to wheat which i never realised till come off it all.

My periods got better, my nails , hair, teeth everything looks better. I dropped from a 12-14 to a 8( bit small for me as im 5ft 8 but im working on that) and i sleep better.

So u wana know period wise really dont u, my pain and bloatedness has gone every-month, i do use buscopan around when i know im coming on and alot of ladies on here use it for periods to ... it for cramping and bloats.

I do not find it expensive as i eat clean so i dont buy any of there gluten free stuff aless it a sausage and even lidl do gluten free sausages! Lidl do a good free from aisle that cheap so do asda. My pmt was horrific literally could murder someone with my bare hands whereas now it not bad at all.h

I just eat alot of white meat as it easy to digest( red meat bad for ibs and endo) and loadsa veg! No crap basically. U cant b eating all there biscuits ans cakes as that is not a diet. U gota come of the sugar whch all free from stuff is packed with.

So it general common sense . Loadsa veg, white meat and fruit! I have a cereal ( gluten free) but u wont regret it at first ur find it hard then ur just b ok

lisams88 in reply to Lulububs

Hi Lulububs,

Thankyou for your reply.

I have been doing lots of research today :) I try to eat as clean as I can and I also go to the gym. However, when I'm on my period I crave sweet foods and I can no way move about. Ahh I didn't know about the red meat and endo. So much to cut out and be wary of. Im 100% sticking to it as anything is better than the pain, cramps and bloating that I get.

Thankyou xx

See i do it more for my ibs then suspected endo. I tried all others and i cant stomach any kind of coconut and i thought better stay away from nut.

It works for both the diet as there both helped by keeping it clean.

To tell truth i decided id had enough of the ibs problems so i went on the gluten dairy eat clean diet and it kinda killed two birds with one stone ...

Everything has got better with it so it a win win for me

lisams88 in reply to Lulububs

My ex-consultant said I had IBS 3 years ago after a missed endo lap. I changed NHS trusts and got a second opinion as I was about to be discharged! My previous consultant put all of my pain down to IBS. I knew it wasn't, even though I suffer with my bowels, it is always around my ovulation and period. My new consultant is a BCGE specialist and he knew with my symptoms and how my tummy felt, even before the lap. I'm really hoping this works. I'm really happy it is working for you too xx

Lulububs in reply to lisams88

Yes see i knew it was ibs as it wasnt just on my period it was all time and i noticed mine got worse with certain foods ie bread, doughy stuff, red meats, basically all stuff that is well renowned to clog bowel and colon. I was always constipated which was my body not being able to digest the gluten coz i was intolerant.

Now ive started eating clean it all seems to flow ( if u know what i mean ha) sometime i need abit of help ie lactulose.

I also take a good magnesium tablets it good for body.

I just feel so much healthier ...

yeh red meats, any breads even gluten free if it has yeast in as it just bloats belly.

Yeast is the worse thing for stomach my gastro told me... u ever seen a man with a beer belly ?? Thats what yeast does to u.

I told my friend this he stopped drinking beer and started drinking vidka and soda and he lost his whole belly, dropped 3 stone in 6 months!!

Thats what yeast does... plus gives u candid or sibo which can b another problem that can b misdiagnosed with endo or ibs!!

It's all worth trying. I did a month gluten free and it made no difference for me. I do avoid dairy and soya products as they are triggers for me.

I've found taking probiotics and drinking 4 cups of green tea a day helps with my endometriosis symptoms AND cleared up my previously spotty skin (bonus!). Green tea contains powerful antiinflammatory antioxidants. Drink organic green tea though, and unbleached tea bags , as non organic tea and coffee have some of the highest pesticide residues of any foods.

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