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First Laparoscopy


I have just been told today that I will have my lap on Thursday 25th May! (nxt week)

I have my pre assessment on Saturday, what questions should i ask?

Is there anything i should be aware of?

I am a bit nervous but im feeling really positive that they have done everything so quickly as i thought it would be a 4-6 week wait.

I cant wait to get back to my normal self!

How was everyones recovery, any tips for when i am at home?


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Hello, Regarding recovery tips for when you are back home, I'd recommend a hot water bottle and peppermint tea as you may get shoulder pain from the gas they put into you most of us find the the gas pain to be worse than the cuts themselves. I'll also say not to lie flat in bed as for me, I always find trying to get up from being flat on my back really painful and a struggle, so sleeping slightly raised should help and movies/books so you don't get too bored. Best of luck for your surgery x


Hey, Thanks for your tips ill order myself a hot water bottle and stock up on the tea!

Luckily my bed is low to the ground so hopefully not too much pain. Ill be setting up a camp in the living room and watching loads of films!

How long did you take off work? xx


I don't work, but I know some people it varies between 1 week and 3 weeks, it all depends how you feel.

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Oh wow hopefully not 3 weeks!!! ive booked a week x


I recommend ordering a heat pad instead of a hot water bottle if you can afford it. About £25 on Amazon. They plug in so you don't have to keep getting up to refill them x

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Hiya, I didn't really ask much at my pre-op as the nurse had answered any questions I had. Only thing I did ask was if they found anything would it be removed if possible or was it simply diagnostic.

For being at home i would suggest someone being there for you as I couldn't get from sitting to standing on my own. I bought some lounge suits from primark to wear about the house as they were comfortable. Peppermint tea for the gas and I'd also ask when you're discharged if you can have some spare plasters so you can change the dressings. Good idea to set up a wee camp for yourself with things within easy reach. I felt fine after 4 days but people recover differently! Good luck!

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Thanks so much for your advise xxx


Is it your pre-op with the nurse Saturday? They'll take some bloods and maybe some swabs and should give you a ton of info about what you actually have to do on the day. They'll be able to answer most procedural questions but you may well find they are all answered for you.

They'll probably have you as a day case so they'll ask you if you have someone to pick you up as you're not allowed to get home on your own just after general anaesthetic.

Is the plan to investigate and then ablate (burn) what's there if they find something? Just be warned if it's severe they likely will be unable to treat it all at that time, and also ablation is not a good treatment as it often doesn't get out all of the disease.

But you do need someone to go in and see what's there first of all!

The op itself really isn't bad. You will be quite sore when you get home so get everything in reach, get done meals frozen so you don't have to cook and things like that.

A pillow in the car on the way back should stop the seatbelt digging in and take nice loose clothes as you'll be quite bloated after the op x

I think 2 weeks is the average for recovery but it really varies. The hospital will be able to get you a sick note (actually might be a think to ask about at preop)


Yes with the nurse, i have been told about bloods.

yes the last gyno appointment i had said they will investigate and burn away what they can, if that's what it is.

Ok, i have lots of people around to look after me so im not too worried about being at home.

2 weeks!!! omg i am definitely going to get fired from my job, they were moaning that ive asked to have 6 days off.

My HR team want me back to work on the Monday.

Why is it that this isn't taken seriously? I think they think im making it up.

Its so frustrating that unless you have cancer work isnt sympathetic at all.



You'll be sick, they can't tell you to come back on a certain day if your doctor has signed you off sick. And the hospital will give you a sick note (or fit notes as they're called now).


They only have to pay you statutory sick pay (which isn't much at all) unless your contract states that you get occupational sick pay.

How long have you been with your employer?

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Definitely discuss this with the nurse, and maybe see if you can get something in writing (they may well have some info sheets that they'll hand to you anyway) that says how long recovery may take that you can give to the HR team. I'm hoping this is a small company that doesn't know any better!


Unfortunately no its a huge property company with over 30,000 staff around the world !! Shocking behavior inst it. Ive only been with them 6 months, and they will only pay SSP if im off for longer than 7 days and have a letter from the doctor. But they have threatened that it will not look good on my report :(

Thanks for adding the link and i will defo discuss this with the nurse tomorrow :) x

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Theyll give you a 2 week sick note .. i got 2 weeks after my first lap and they did nothing .. 6 weeks after the second. Work cant fire you with a sick note!


Thanks ill make sure i get the relevant note :) x


Best of luck with the op x


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