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Laparoscopy- Need advice and reassurance please

I am seeing a new gynae next week as they have suspected that I have had endo for years. My first lap didnt go as planned and got cancelled on the day. I have a huge fear of being sick, I can just about deal with nausea but heaving and being sick is one step too far! I am going to a private hospital but as a NHS patient and the reviews seem really good. I will be in my own private room which i am really happy about.

The only reason why I have postponed my lap for so long is because of my fear of being sick and although my thoughts are a lot more rational than they were, I'm still really freaking out about the op. I have been put under anesthetic twice (2 months old and 6 years old) with no problems so I'm not too worried about having a reaction to the anesthetic. I can't go any longer without the op so there is no choice in this but the worrying is keeping me up, affecting my work and uni and just stressing me out!

How many of you were actually sick and how many were just nauseous? Why woudl you say this was?

A lot of what I've read online has mentioned not accepting the extra pain releif until you can eat more as this can make you feel ill.


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Hey, I had my first lap a couple of weeks ago and wasn't sick or even felt sick after it. I'm sure you will be fine


Hi I had mine about a month ago and I just felt nauseaus so told the nurse straight away and she gave me an injection. This didn't affect my eating as I was starving afterwards. I'm sure you will be fine and hope it goes well. Xx


Hi like you I had my lap in private hospital as nhs patient. It was lovely!!! Apart from having the op I'd do it again. I told anaesthetist I was very nauseous after last op and was worried about this. I thought I was going to suck in recovery. Told nurse who immediately gave me something for it and it went straight away, and then I slept! Tell everyone your fears and they'll help


Yes, just tell the anaesthetist and nurse about your fears so they can give you something before you wake up. I did feel a bit sick when I woke up (nausea not that I was actually going to be sick) - I told them and that feeling was gone in about 3 seconds. It really was that quick and while you're not really with it (it's only a hazy memory) - but if they know about your worries they can prevent even that. After that I never felt sickness throughout recovery.

Good luck. The reality is far easier Than the worry before hand so try to keep remembering that



My first lap I was absolutely fine afterwards but my second and recent one the room was spinning when I came round. I told the nurses who asked what was worse the sickness or pain, I said sickness and they gave me a shot of anti-sickness med in my leg, that helped immediately, then I said I was in a bit of pain and they gave me morphine which is brilliant stuff for pain - I felt like I could run a marathon after having that!

Just be honest with the nurses, they are so lovely and take great care of you :-) xx


Hi honey, I wrote about my experience of my laparoscopy on my blog angelpiesite.wordpress.com if you want to read. I wasn't sick just found it really hard to come round from the general anaesthetic but everyone is different. Good luck xx


Thank you for all your responses. I really appreciate it :-) fingers crossed i can get it done sooner rather than later as I am already up at night worrying about it all xxx


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