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1st Laparoscopy results

Hi everyone,

I had my first laparoscopy and hysteroscopy last Wednesday. It turns out I have stage 4 endometriosis, Fimbrial cysts on both my tubes, a chocolate cyst in my ovary, localised bleeding and scarring and I had a 2.5cm polyp in my womb (which was removed).

I have really struggled with the wind pain and constipation pain from the meds over the first few days. The cut near my belly button is very sore and pulls every time I move and under my boobs and across the bottom of my rib cage I fell really swollen making it so hard to get comfortable.

Has anyone any experience of this type of swelling?

I am going to have to have another lap (which will probably be next year now as the doctor is putting me on the pill for a few months first to regulate my periods and hormones and to suppress the endo) to remove the cysts and endo etc. Has anyone whose had a 2nd lap found it easier or harder with regards to recovery?

How long did it take for people's stitches to dissolve?

Has anyone had any similar experience and then managed to conceive naturally at all?

Thank you

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Hi hun really sorry for what your going through maybe try serrapeptase as long as your not taking blood thinners look at Kimttcnumber2 her last post she rid of her endo and cysts with it also it eats away at fibrin (scar tissue adhesions) will help you recover quicker and acts as an inflammatory without the side affects.💗🤗😘


Thank you AllWeNeedIsluv I shall take a look at that xx


Your welcome hun 💗🤗😘

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Hello, I’m so sorry to hear you are going though this. Can I ask, did u have an ultrasound scan at any point before the op? If so, was it clear? X


Hi Emma19 yes I did, it showed both of my tubes were blocked and full of fluid and also showed I had a polyp although following my lap no fluid found so it must come and go? X


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