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Laparoscopy on Monday


I have my first laparoscopy on Monday to potentially diagnose and treat suspected endometriosis. I have what I'm sure are the normal fears and worries about the op and the results.

I have packed my bag with pjs, spare clothes, toiletries, and some chewing gum.

I wondered whether there was any ideas about extra bits and pieces I should take into hospital? Or prepare for afterwards?

Thank you x

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Good luck! I've got mine September 1st. Take any meds with you, phone etc on charge... And spare change in case you have to stay in. Hopefully you'll be out the same day I assume? X


Sorry I should have said on the post, I'm a definite inpatient so no getting home for me. hoping it's only one night xx


It sounds like you've got it covered Heather! You really don't have anything to worry about. Laparoscopy is a basic procedure and doesn't take too long, it depends on if you have endo and how bad it is. When I had my surgery I was in and out in the same day but the surgery did take 3 hours. Tell your family not to worry if you are in there a while because mine really worried because it was longer than expected.

Didn't take me long to recover at all. I had two weeks off work but I didn't need that long. Hope it goes well and us know how you get on.


That's great to hear. So many horror stories and doctors giving me warnings. I'm definitely not getting out on the same day as I'm already classified as an inpatient but hoping it will just be one night. Also hoping to recover quickly but got to plan for the worst because I have lupus.

Thank you. I will post after xx


I was classed as an inpatient too and came out afterwards in the same day. Depends on what time you end up having the surgery. If it's morning then I think you'll be out. Lupus may be a problem if your body isn't feeling well it may cause additional problems but hopefully you'll be fine. Let me know how you get on tomorrow x


Oh really? Okay, might be lucky then but I'm not counting on it. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best :). I had my wisdom teeth out 2 years ago and was in for 2 days..

They've put off my laparoscopy for almost a year because of the risks of my lupus. Im just hoping it all goes well and we get some conclusive news!

I will update everyone when I'm out xx


Hi, just to let you know that nothing was found on the laparoscopy so I'm left more confused/lost than ever. It was just an investigation in the end and I got to go down to the surgery first on the list.

Sadly still in hospital, but getting home today!

Thank you for your assistance xx


Hey there,

I wrote quite a detailed account of my lap a few months ago - healthunlocked.com/endometr...

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Thank you. I will read this :) xx


Hi I'm in on Tuesday for mine though I'm hoping mines will be day surgery :/ I've had a few ops in the past and from what I've read it seems to be quite a routine procedure so I'm not overly anxious but wanted to wish you the best of luck...maybe pack some magazines, kindle or book sometimes waiting about can be a pain especially if the others round about are not talkative.

Hope all goes well for you and you get out soon after xx


Yeah I'm sure it will be. Most people are on day surgery it seems. I'm just a complex case.

Thank you though :) I'm taking my kindle, iPod so i should be fine. I'm more than used to hospitals sadly so I'll manage.

I'll keep you guys posted! Soon be over xx


Hi. I normally take wet wipes/baby wipes. After my lap this year is was nice to freshen up without having to get out of bed to the bathroom as I was quite sore/sleepy.

Good luck for your op.


Oh good idea, thank you



Just a message to wish you all the best and I hope it goes well for you. I am booked to have a lap done in September. x


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