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Post-op pain still or original problem returning?

Hi all,

I had my lap on 25th April. They removed two patches of endo (of which the biopsies were inconclusive, so unlikely they were endo) and also removed a load of adhesions on my bowels.

Its nearly 5 weeks on now and I'm tapering off the Amytriptyline I was on. I'm seeing a gastroentologist to get some answers as to what caused the adhesions. But the original right side pain (that we thought was explained by the scar tissue) has now returned... I'm also still very exhausted and have waves of nausea.

I'm not sure if the pain returning is from coming off the tablets (if anyone has experience with them would be great to hear) or still some residual surgery pain? My doctor said it was too long after for it still to be that yet I'm sure I've read some people on here have had continuous pain for a while after a lap?

It's looking less and less likely that the bowel investigations are going to provide any answers so I guess I'm trying to figure out what I'm dealing with here!

Any advice/personal experience etc would be greatly appreciated!



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Im 11 weeks post of for endo excision lap.my first one,im in australia.

I can tell you i still felt nauseous when overdoing it or doing some things right up until about now.

They say recovery is so quick but my gyny told me some people can be 3 to 4 months before all better.

Yep thats me.

Things have been moved around in there any anytime you play with those fine hairs on the bowel will take time to heal.

Painkillers can make things hurt a bit more i think sometimes,i went without from about day 4.

Not for some,but i was determined i didnt want constipation and if i felt pain i would know it was for real.

I have got some scar tissue forming and that can happen at about your stage.

Keep trying to walk when you can as this will free things up.

I was shocked to realise that groin pain,back pain was in fact everything being so tight,not endo returning.i thought that too.

If you can afford it,get a massage once a week.at your stage i started on my sides only couldnt lie on tummy and it did help free me up to stand up better..

Im now starting physio where they massage tummy area gently to free up those niggling pains around bellt button.

Give yourself time,you are early days yet.

Aim for three months and you wont be disappointed.pace yourself on that.

Kind regards



Because i was told it was such a simple op i set myself back at about 6 weeks and 8 weeks trying to rush it.


Thanks Rose. Really good to read this!

I've been getting quite anxious about the whole thing and was spiralling a bit this morning as to what it could be so your post has rebalanced me a bit.

It's so frustrating that doctors insist "you should be better by now", you'd think they'd stop for a moment and at least suggest that perhaps it is different for each patient...

I might look into massages going forward. Still feel quite tender on my right where most of the work was done so not sure would be able to stand it just yet.

I think the weirdest/most concerning thing for me at the minute is that I can't lie on my side for more than a few seconds without it starting to hurt. I had started to be able to do this and it seems to have reverted back a bit. Might be from stopping the Amitriptyline, just frustrating as I used to always lie on my right side when sleeping, now confined to my back!

I guess I just need to continue to take it easy. I'm self employed and it does mean I'm losing a load of money as unable to travel / don't have energy for full day of work.

I have a colonoscopy in a week or two (got to book yet) so hoping that doesn't set me back too much further as I assume that that is quite stressful for your body as well. It's being done to try and establish the cause of the adhesions so is necessary but does make you wonder when the doc tells you he thinks it unlikely we will find anything!

Thanks again! Will keep posted :)



Hey mate,

This was me but with my left side could not lie on it and felt like the whole thing was pulling as it fell towards the bed.

Im at 11 weeks as said previously and have only just started physio on the tummy only to gently loosen up that whole area and belly button as it feels stuck.

I was so lucky to find a massage specialist and a female physio specialist.

No pelvic floor exercises rubbish that will just hurt everything more that is trying to heal.

She just pushes gently on my tummy and tries to free it up-it is working.

You are not quite ready to touch it like that yet, but it will come mate



Hi, Just thought would update you.

I had my colonoscopy last weekend, all clear asides from a patch of redness/inflammation in my terminal ileum so he has took a biopsy to check I don't have some form of Crohns. He is convinced it won't be anything though so am convinced I'm still not going to have answers as to what caused the scar tissue.

The location is interesting though as that's where some of my pain is. The rest is up the side, where I imagine my scar tissue was. It's gotten worse since the colonoscopy, maybe that stressed my body again... Hate not having answers. Trying to stick to your 3 month mark but I wish a doctor would tell me that it could still be pain from the removed scar tissue rather than saying "it won't be that anymore".

Ugh. I seem to be able to do slightly more though which is great. Just wish the nagging pain/sense of unease that something isn't right would go!


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