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Hysterectomy done now the HRT decision

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So after many sleepless nights due to the pain of endo & the worry I finally had my hysterectomy last wednesday, including removal of my ovaries & tubes. I must admitt I am in nowhere near as much pain as i thought i would be & i am feeling more positive & optemistic than i have done in years so hopefully it was the right thing to do.

My problem now is that the consulant wants me to take Hrt due to me being 38 & the risks of bone disease etc & has perscribed me Elleste Solo, which I do not want to take due to the risk of it causing the endo to come back & even the information leaflet inside the pack says it shouldn''t be used if a medical history of endo not to mention the side effects listed on the internet. When i questioned my consultant he just said the benefits outway the risks (i wonder if he gets a nice bonus for using their products). I have been told to try black cohosh for the hot sweats etc (which i haven't yet had luckily) but i was wondering if anyone knows what there is available for the bone problems either herbal or endo friendly hrt .

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Hi there,

Wishing you a very speedy recovery abd big hugs xx

I have been doing a lot of research into having a hysterectomy and HRT. I'm waiting for a 2nd opinion at the moment as the gynae I'm seeing at the moment feels I'm too young to have such major surgery!!! And then the effects of HRT (35 in Oct) I tend NOT to agree!!!

Have you been on the following website hysterectomy-association.or... they offer lots of fantastic advice/tips etc on there.

I've read that it is recommended not to have any HRT up to 8 months after a hysterectomy, to lessen the chance of any endo that has been missed to grow back.

Also, I think getting the correct balance of oestrogen in your diet is very important too. Did they take bloods before your hysterectomy to see what your oestrogen levels are normally? (I know they can be quite high for us that suffer with endometriosis anyway)

I hope you get some answer's, keep me posted hun xx xx


Thought I would share my story with you in the hope it will give you a balanced view of one side of the argument for your dilemma.

I have pcos and endo and finally had a hysterectomy two years ago at the age of 42.I thought long and hard about whether to take HRT and I am very lucky as my GP has a similar chronic condition to me and is very supportive.

The fear of the endo returning was my first and main priority so we looked at alternatives.

I take a calcium supplement weekly-probably for the rest of my life to help protect my bones and will have a bone density scan every two years to check the condition of my bones and that the calcium supplement is sufficient for my needs.At the first scan ( approx 4 months post-op) the results showed that my bone density was good so all being well,my next scan later on in the year will show no obvious signs of deterioration beyond what is to be expected for my age.

The issue of heart conditions in early menopause has led me to look at my diet and encouraged me to lose weight.I have lost a stone since Christmas,not a huge amount but enough to make a difference to my heart and I shall continue with the programme.

As for the symptoms for a surgically induced menopause,well I feel fine.Yes I have symptoms that I am sure would be alleviated by hrt BUT I am managing fine.

In the early past of post-op I had some panic attacks and heart palpatations and yes,the hot flushes are a bit unpleasant but weighed up against the possibility of the return of the big E due to taking hrt,there is no competition.I am experiencing some fluid retention which causes tenderness in my joints especially my wrists but my GP told me a low level dose of Ibrupofen(2 every morning) will sort it out and it has.

I have increasingly noticed that my skin is dry so have changed my skincare routine.

To sum up I feel that I have made the right decision.Only time will tell I suppose and I do have wobbly moments where I wonder if it IS the right one and everyone is different.I just wanted to give you my thoughts to give you an independent view of it all.

I am glad that you feel positive.That is so important throughout any chronic condition and will enable you to hopefully approach the decision carefully and thoroughly.

Good luck with whatever you decide and if you have any questions please email me and I will answer them as best I can. xx

hi, pleased you are feeling so well so soon after your op. I had a total hysterectomy 18 months ago at the age of 44. I didn't have such a good recovery and ended up having more surgery in December. That aside i have opted for hrt. I take an hrt gel after trying various other sorts. I dont get any hot flushes or mood swings. I do still get tired but i think that will stay. I get some pain but i feel i am in control rather than the endo and feel alive for the first time in more years than i care to remember. I feel my bones are protected and on a vain side my skin is not going to lose its elasticity so quickly. I am sure you will find the best option for you so you too feel like a new woman, its trial and error to find what suits you best. Good luck in your recovery. X

I have asked for a full hysterectomy, I'm only 28. I also would avoid taking HRT if possible as I'd be terrified of the endo returning. I'm having my 3rd laparoscopy on Tuesday and will be having the injections which 'switch your ovaries off' for 6mths. If this is successful then my surgeon is happy to go ahead with the big op. My MIL went a bit barmy at me when I told her about this stating that surely I would want to keep my ovaries as they protect you from cancer etc. I tried to explain that I'd rather take my chances with everything else if I could get rid of the endo

Hi, I had a hysterectomy after Endo and found I could not take HRT in patches or tablets as it seemed to trigger off infections, although I am having some success with oestrogen cream, as you can use it once a week instead of twice a week if there is a problem. Also soya products can be very good, and try to include a lot of calcium in your diet, sesame seeds are good if you are watching your weight.

Im in a similar situation. Im 35 and I had a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago. I feel great and am happier than ever. Have night sweats but am learning to live with them. My gynae prescribed levial as hrt.and Im concerned as it says it can cause 'problems with your cervix' and my cervix has been left because it was stuck to my bowel bladder and urethra.

My gp is lovely doesn't want to go against the gynae. He has said that as long I eat healthily then I have no more risk of developing osteoporosis than anyone else. I was taking calcium supplements which he told me to stop because having too much calcium has been linked to heart disease. I am on slimming world, so eating healthy, ensuring im having my calcium intake every day, not drinking alcohol or caffeine and am exercising.

I did try levial for a week and was absolutely horrible my moods were up and down. I don't know if its because I had pcos as well as endo so my body isn't used to 'normal' hormones. I told the gp about my mood and he said I could be having a reaction to them. The gynae called me today to say all hrt states that that its unsuitable for endo sufferers and your mood will change but he will not prescribe me anything else!

Now I don't know what to do, I feel good without the hrt, Im not moody, my husband said Im less volitile than I have been for 10 years +, my skins not dry, but my nan has had osteoporosis for 50 years so wonder if I should do all I can to protect my bones. xx


I am 32 and I am now 22 days post op. I have had a TAH/LSO and I am now taking 1mg Elleste Solo. I began with hot flushes only 12 days post op and since I have been on the HRT I have thankfully, other than a short fuse been okay.

I had the hysterectomy due to endo/adeno and pcos, so taking the HRT for me is to combat the menopausal symptoms. I spoke to my consultant in detail about all the risks associated and we have both decided that HRT was the best way to go. As for osteoporosis, my consultant said simple diet changes and upping my calcium intake would not put me at risk anymore than my other half fracturing his leg on his weekly 5 a side lol.

My consultant did say to me though that the risk of endo returning with ovary removal was minimal as it is the ovary that causes endo. This may be worth bringing up. I must admit since beginning my Elleste I have felt great. I hope you keep recovering well xxx

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Have you had a family?

I also have Endo and PCOS (diagnosed 1991) and also adenomyosis diagnosed last December. I am 43 and have been lucky to have children.


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I have a little girl. She is 30 months old. X

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Wonderful ! 30 months old..... Is she getting into everything?

My "babies" are 20 , 17 and 13...... They grow too quickly!

Did you find the decision to have a hysterectomy, difficult? I'm really suffering but my doctor seems reluctant to do anything surgically!

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She is into absolutely everything lol. Sorry to hear you have the trifecta. It really does make coping so much harder. I think if I only had one I wouldn't have had to make the decision.

Yes, I found it to be the hardest decision ever. But it came down to not being able to be a proper mum as I was in agony all the time and tired and doped up on tramadol. An MRI prior to the final decision being made showed lots of spreading and a lap showed it was in my tubes so the likelihood of conceiving again was zero. I had a wonderful consultant who I was referred to privately by my GP via NHS and he really did make the decision to have it done easier. He has been there every step with me. He even came into the ward on his day off to tell me off for moving too much lol.

I don't envy any woman who has to make this choice regardless of whether you have a family or not. But to be totally honest with you, my normal period date is in two days and the fact that I am in less pain after major abdominal surgery and I could sit and play with my daughter instead of being drugged up shows I made thw right choice. X

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I'm really pleased for you. I hope you continue to recover.

Enjoy your lovely little girl. X

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Thank you.

If your Dr. is reluctant for surgery, you can ask your gp for a private referral via NHS right to choose xxx I hope you get somewhere soon x

Hi all, I have just turned 35 had a full hysterectomy and overies out 6 weeks ago my doctors  prescribed me ellesta solo 2mg due to hot flushes etc .  I'm just mixed feeling about taking them read pros and cons of it but  so mixed. Just so  Tired  worried about weight gain as put on alot weight from the zoladex implant i had 5 leading up before my op . Been told healing well  just keep getting niggly pains n night n day sweats any advice on other things to help .  Many thanks for you time and advice  in advance  . Wish you all well . 😊

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