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Bladder problems

I had a laporosocopy back in January and some endometriosis was removed but a lot left especially on my ureter. After the lap I had problems with not being able to empty my bladder properly and getting stabbing pains if I tried to squeeze urine out. I was told this was due to the swelling from the op. Five months later and the problem goes on. I constantly feel as if I need a wee and sometimes I go and sometimes it's just a trickle, my bladder never feels empty - I can go for a wee and then 10mins later go back for another one. Sometimes I have stabbing or electric shock like pains just inside and stabbing pains if I force urine out. I'm currently on Zoladex and I'm in my 7th week, I did have a UTI last month but that was usual symptoms of a UTI of burning when passing urine and treated with antibiotics. Before the lap in January my bladder was the only thing that I didn't have problems with, these problems have developed since the op. Any ideas as the constant going to the loo is driving me and my husband mad!

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Hi - I see from your previous post that your GP won't refer you to a BSGE centre. You are in England and they can't refuse you. First of all get a copy of the report sent to your GP from the last lap to see what was reported as to where you have endo. We know it's on your ureter and this can lead to kidney damage if left. Your GP is acting against his/her registration by not following guidelines. Tell them the NHS contract for severe endo requires that you are referred to a centre and that the list was set up so that women can get direct referral from a GP. Say that you want them to put on your record why they refuse to follow the contract and check what they put and say that you will have no option but to go through the RCOG to enforce your rights. The gynaecologist is also in breach of contract for not referring you on. Then I should look at self referring to a surgeon at a centre.

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After my lap yesterday, the nurse advised when you going to the toilet, practice second void. As sit on the toilet a further 5-10mins to pee again so the bladder is emptied more completely. Did they not check your bladder is emptied properly before discharge? I was not able to leave until the nurse is happy with it.

Some people find pyridium helps to sooth bladder problem. It is from US branded AZO. You can get it from Amazon. But your GP could prescribe it.

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If they have left anything behind the endo is like anything else,you play with it by going in there and even if you never had problems before,you will now.

These problems with your bladder are not since op,they were always there just lying dormant slightly.

You must get this seen to,as lindle has said and not waste any time getting a referral.

Change docs if you have to.

You need the bladder and the bowel for the rest of your life to function well.

You dont want to end up in chronic pain.

The utis are resulting from the endo on your bladder and will not resolve until this is fixed.

Dont compromise your long term health by letting this go.

Kind regards


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Thanks for your reply. The surgeon said she didn't want to remove the endo on the ureter as it was too risky. I know I need to go back to the GP and be more forceful. I'm just so worn down by it all. The constant pelvic & hip pain as well as the bladder issues and now the horrible side effects from the Zoladex. I'm struggling with work but can't take any more time off because I've gone onto half pay after the time off I had for my lap. I feel so sad for my family having to put up me exhausted, moody and in pain all the time. Although I have an amazing husband that does anything he can to try and make my life a bit easier. My husband & I have the same day off next week so I think I'll get him to come with me to the GP as he'll be more forceful about getting a referral.



The surgeon was right it was outside her area of expertise.

But that does not mean that another specialist cannot get it all and fix it.

Probably shld have been stented until you cld get further surgery,but thats a bit late now.

Definately take your husband and plan what you will say before you go mate.

Trust me you wont be able to live in that pain for long and it will increase.

I understand you need to work.

But if you dont have your health mate,you wont be able to.

Let us all know how you go

Rose xx

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Thanks everyone you pushed me into making some phone calls. My husband has BUPA through his work and I have been being treated privately by a general gynecologist that specialises in obstetrics! Well after some phone calls this afternoon BUPA have authorized me to see Natalia Price in Oxford😀 She is from the BSGE clinic there, just got to ring her secretary for an appointment. I don't have to do battle with the GP now😀 x

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Smart girl,well done.

Let us know what happens

Rose xx

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