Bladder issues

did anyone have any problems with their bladder after their lap? It's a bit embarrassing but Thursday i lost control of it, i did a normal wee and finished then as i was leaving the bathroom i basically did another one! Today and yesterday a few minutes after I've been, i leak about a teaspoon and a half of urine. I'm having to wear period pads! I'm a bit embarrassed and worried!

I had my laparoscopy on tuesday and they didn't do anything to my bladder that I know of lol

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  • Hi, sounds very stressful and worrying for you! I think it's because of the catheter and anaesthetic, it can take a while for bladder to work totally normally as it gets a bit shocked, I had lots of problems with mine but it settled in a few days! I hope yours does too, but go and see your gp if it doesn't or your worried! Hang in there Hun xx

  • I'm not sure if they did catherterise me, because they made me wee before hand, but then again they might of. Thanks hun xx

  • I might be wrong but I think they catheterise everyone, either way anaesthetic can really effect bladder on its own, so it might just not have quite woken up and gone back to normal yet x

  • They catheter everyone who has surgery. Thankfully they save you the embarrassment and pain by doing it when you are out. As to the peeing thing, I was told any time you have a surgery, certain body parts kinda sleep for a while. It's like they forget how to work. Right after my surgery last month, i had to keep forcing myself to go pee so they wouldn't cath me again. But you really don't force it, you just sit there and try to think of the muscles relaxing enough so you can go pee. And sometimes it takes a while. I know my bladder was full, i could feel it. But it was so sleepy that it didn't remember how to pee. :D

    If it still continues in another few days, i would contact your dr and ask them what can be done.

  • I've got no issues with going, infact i can't stop because I'm still really thirsty from the surgery, so i'm drinking lots. It's just not being able to stop after i have been. Going to see my dr if it hasn't stopped by Monday xx

  • I am the same hun, I also had my lap on Tuesday. My bladder is sore and I'm not feeling everything that I should.

    I seem to be much more sore and swollen today than I have been. I look 8months pregnant 😢

  • I look pregnant, not so sore today, i am sore, but not as sore as i was. How was your lap? Did it go okay? Xx

  • Yeah it went well. They didn't really do anything for me and didn't find half of what was known to be there so pretty much a waste of time. I took a bad reaction to the general so im still struggling to stand up 😢 but each day is better. And I feel ok.

    Iv to go back for scans and they want me to go on the combined pill but i am not sure. And back to see the consultant in 4 months.

    What was your result?

  • My bowel was stuck behind my left ovary and on the right side, some adhesions were causing my bowel to stick together so they sorted all this out. According to them, there's no endometriosis, but i'm staying on here because I've made some good friends :) x

  • How is your bladder now?

  • Pretty much the same and now t hurts to pee. Going to see if i can see my dr tomorrow xx

  • Oh no!!!! I hope it's an easy fix, like maybe give you some antibiotics and clear it up quick. Can you do keigel exercises yet to maybe help strengthen the muscles?

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