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Bladder symptoms

I was diagnosed in 2010 with Endometriosis. After 2 laps my symptoms have returned, along with bladder symptoms. I constantly feel the need to 'go' but when I do only a small amount comes out. It feels like I'm trying to wee out of a pin hole and can't empty my bladder properly. My bladder feels achey and sore after urinating, and it feels like my ligaments are going to tear when I try and strain . It feels like I have to push really hard to empty my bladder, then it's full again - it's horrible. Around my period I also feel like my insides/ urethra is burning when I wee. I always test negative for UTIs. I wondered if anyone else felt this way too and/ or was diagnosed with bladder Endometriosis?

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I have the same as you have described above. Infact I posted a question myself about bladder Endo at the weekend.

I haven't been diagnosed with bladder Endo yet, but I have had endometriosis for 20+ years.

The symptoms are miserable! And I feel as though I always need to know where the nearest loo is when I go out. Around my period, I feel as though my symptoms multiply in severity.

I hope we both feel relief soon.

Cyber hugs,



I get the same problems as you two I been sent to a specialist for bladder problems and going to have water dynamics test havent got a clue what that means but im going to do it as I suspect it is my endo back but nobody is wanting to know on the nhs its so frustrating x


Thank you for your replies ladies. I have an appointment with the consultant in two weeks time so will hopefully get some answers. I'll let you know what happens. I hope you both get help with your symptoms too. It just feels like a constant battle doesn't it? Not only with the endo but trying to convince the doctors that you're not making it all up!


Hi, may I offer a word of advice! When you go for your appointment, ask them to inject you with dye BEFORE they scan you as this will show up any traces of endometriosis and also it's more painful sidekick ADENOMYOSIS - this one lives in your muscles and can only be detected via dye injection and is much more painful than endometriosis. I have both of them and saw my consultant on monday 11th. After 17 years of different treatments and surgeries there is nothing more they can do so I'm booked in for Total Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy with cervix and partial bowel removal. Had they done they dye testing sooner they could have done something to prevent me having this surgery. Hence my advising you to ask for it to be done for you so that you don't go through unnecessary treatments/surgeries. Sorry this was a long-winded reply. I hope you're all feeling better soon and that you get good diagnosis too xx



I have the EXACT same! I thought I was going mad when it started as I went doctors but no UTI yet still gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics ( pointless ) I have endo on my bladder although burnt away I think it has come back hence the pain and the difficultly weeing.

Do you get a real urgency to go? I sometimes think I will wee myself cause it just happens all of a sudden and I need to go :(

Nice to know I'm not alone :)

Lauren xx

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Fordie - I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. It's so sad that the doctors haven't done more for you in the past so that you aren't in this position now. It's so maddening! They just seem all too happy to wave us off with the pill and some painkillers, and when that doesn't work they haven't got a clue! I will definitely ask for the dye, thank you so much. None of my doctors have mentioned adenomyosis to me but I'm pretty sure I've got it. Do you have a date yet for your op? Bless you, I hope everything goes ok for you.

Lauren - Yes I quite often have the urgency to go, and frustratingly, it's only usually 10 minutes after 'emptying' my bladder. After going to the toilet before bed I'm usually up a further two times to go to the toilet before I can settle down and go to sleep. In the morning my bladder then feels so full it hurts and is very painful. It's like a dull, heavy aching feeling. Once I then have a wee, my bladder aches so bad it still hurts up to 30 mins later. It's horrendous. At the minute I'm not receiving any treatment for my Endo (I don't seem to tolerate hormone treatments well and came off the pill last month after having nasty side effects) so my body is going 'back to normal' which quite frankly terrifies me as the pain and symptoms are x100 worse :-( You should hound your doctor about your bladder symptoms until they do something about it hun. We shouldn't have to have this pain everyday. Let me know how you get on at the doctors please.

My last consultant fobbed me off when I mentioned bladder symptoms before my last lap so it's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. They didn't even look at my bladder during the op, just sent me away with the pill again as if they were never expecting to see me back! I have a new consultant (different hospital) so hopefully I'll get somewhere this time. I'll let you know what they say. I hope you both get sorted and feel better, take care of yourselves xxx


I had the same symptoms with my endo also. That pain when you try to squeeze it out is so bad! I mentioned it to my doctor and he didn't seem to phased by it. To be honest I expected that he would find endo on my bladder during surgery but he didn't. He did find some close by though so I assume that was the issue because since my op and recovery I have had no bladder troubles. I hope you can get it fixed also.


Hi guys

Endo can cause these symptoms but I have also been diagnosed with something called Interstatial Cystitis - I was diagnosed with this last November and endo in May this year. The symptoms of both are incredibly similar. I had a bladder biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. There is more information on the condition here: cobfoundation.org/

I had to fight to get both of the diagnoses as the symptoms are so similar but I am glad I did!


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