Hot flushes

I just posted for the first time today aged 35 28 days post lap for endometriosis. I forgot to mention hot flushes OMG they r killing me!! Is this normal I was on prostap 3 for three months pre lap and definitely felt the treatment wearing off after about 8 weeks....anyone else any idea why I'm having these? Cramps are still horrendous today not left my bed x

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  • Not good. You should contact the doctor.

  • I rang on Friday about the pain and they won't give me anything stronger than Co codamol 30/500 without seeing the doctor but can't give me an appointment until end of month! Do u think hot flushes are a worry or just post op complications x

  • The hot flushes are from the prostap. It can take a very long time for the side effects to wear off and some can be permanently. They should disappear eventually though.

  • I'm sick of everything today pain hot flushes moods.....tomorrow is another day (of hopefully not the same) lol x

  • Hi Hun, what did they do in your lap? It sounds like you've had a hell of a time.

    It might be worth asking for an ultrasound to check placement of coil Incase it's moved. Try and get an emergency appointment or if the pain gets too bad go to a&e don't suffer in silence. You've been through enough already.

    Try taking ibrofen I between the co codamol. And for the hot flushes try evening primrose oil. Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  • I'm on prostap, and find starflower oil good

  • Thank you! I had what the nurses said a lot of work done, I had endometriosis everywhere a large ball in the back of my womb proved the trickiest. Also had adhesions and a lot of scar tissue, had appendics taken out during an exploratory lap 7 years ago and there was a large amount of scar tissue build up there too! Bit of a mess inside I believe one tube covered in nodules tbh I'm not 100% clear as i was heavily medicated after op and ended up staying in overnight. Seeing consultant in a fortnight....can't come.quick enough!xx

  • Yeah so you've really been through it Hun, it's going to take time to heal. Just remember what you see on the outside is just the tip of the iceberg. Let me know how you get with follow up. Take care .

  • Thank you so much!

    ThThanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome and offering support and advice! Hugs to all my fellow endo survivors xx

  • The hot flushes are from the hormones in the Prostap.. I totally know how you feel, I'm 21 and feel like I'm going through my menopause with my hot flush moments! They're nothing to worry about - I asked my doctor.. But if it puts your mind at rest, ask next time you're there :-)

  • I had the same injection, and as mine was wearing off, it's like you're body trying to go back to normal like period pains. Even tho after my 1st injection I didn't have a period until almost 6 months later. And felt as time was getting on the more cramps I was having. Hence why I've asked for a second injection x

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