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Hot flushes

Hi everyone

Need your advice again, I'm having a lot of symptoms after starting on zoladex for 3 months, I have my last injection on Monday and at the minute the hot flushes are getting out of hand I've made an appointment for my GP but can't see anyone for 2 weeks, I wonder if anyone of you lovely ladies could give me any advice about anything over the counter I could try to at least lessen them even just a little bit.

Thank you in advance x x x

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Hey hun if you go Holland and Barrets they do some herbal stuff you can have, it's prob better than going on the hrt anyway, how come ur not already on it as I was told by my gynae when I tried it I had to have the hrt from the beginning to lesson the side affects xx


They said because it was only a short course and o suffer with osteoarthritis it wasn't a good idea to have hrt too x


Aw really that's not good I hope u manage to get something coz it's not nice having side affects in this heat 😔 x


Hi hun.

I'm the same I have had my first injection and yesterday my hot flushes have kicked in but they are so bad it's unreal.

I won't be having any more injections as zoladex injection as I have had a serious reaction to them, I have swelled up really bad my feet and legs extremely swollen, they have had to give me tablets to reduce swelling. I am also having horrendous breast pain.

I think these flushes must be bad because of this reaction and there is no way I am adding Hrt to it, I am so fed up of these flipping mess messing with my body 😧xx


I've got my 3rd next week, which I'm not sure I want as its gave me a very swollen tummy and my mood is all over as well as the hot flushes but on a good note I haven't had my period this month so the pain hasn't been to bad at all x x


I'm on Zoladex number 26. My bones are ok they keep monitoring them. Hot flushes are a challenge but hrt did help me. Cool cotton sheets. Hand fan. I would look online at natural hotflush treatment and ask in herbal shops. Best wishes xx


I had Zoladex for 2 months, I really hated the hot flushes, they were really bad. I tried herbal tablets called Evinova, it helped but very little. Before my surgery, which was few weeks back, I had prostap (3 month) I was really afraid of the hot flushes, but I have not had any and I'm quite happy with it.x


I've managed to speak with a practice nurse where I work and she's advised centrum women 50+ so I'm hoping these give me some sort of relief, the consultant advised me no to have prostap as that was worse for my osteoarthritis x x

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