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Zoladex and hot flushes?

Hi all.

Had my last zoladex injection or 6 weeks ago. No sign of periods and still tortured by hot flushes, had endometrios laser treatment and endometrioma removal 7 months ago now, dreading first period and the pain I've heard comes with it. Any advice when the hot flushes will be gone and how long it takes before period restart


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Are you taking HRT with the zoledex, I was on zoladex for 9 months first 6-8 weeks is hard but then it gets easier. I had the hot flushes but changed my HRT I was taking pill form then switched to patches. My endo went away I did not have swollen belly and I actually lost weight !!! Which is a struggle for me. I read that a lot of ladies can loose weight for those that struggle.

Unfortunately it is about learning what HRT is right for you to counter act the hot flushes I started on 25mg and over the months made my way up to 75mg this was in 2014 ! I had a recent lap 3 weeks ago and they found no sign of endo so for me it worked. You shouldn't have a period if you have the monthly injections and when you stop your periods may return up to 2 months later . They shouldn't be to painful or heavy as your body is restarting. However if you suffer from heavy and painful periods ask your doctor for mefenic acid tablets (pain) and transaxic tablets (to stop it being so heavy) . Another thing you can do to counter act the hot flushes is buy a natural products one is safe tablets and the second is femmerelle (look up online) femmerelle was a god send for me.

Hope your journey goes well don't give up as I know it's hard but really worth it



Hi :)

The only thing I have been taking throughout is evening primrose oil and kalms. My gp is not very helpful and just told me to ride it out. I've suffered so much with my hot flushes they have taken o'er my life.

I hope its worth it but I'm due more surgery after christmas.

jordan x


Hi Jordan

I hope you don't mind me asking but how long are you having the injections for?

My GP was useless , I was referred to a top specialist who put me on the zoledex my GP wanted to give me the Morena coil!

I had a lap in 2011 which discovered I had PCOs (knees that for years) severe endo! Left ovary grown into side of wall and uterus stuck to my bladder and both tubes blocked. I had surgery , a lot of surgery. After thorough research and saying no to my GP I got referred to this specialist and he said no way for Morena coil for ladies for pCos , we can only have three types of progesterone as others can send us do-lally if we take the oral pill (not sure if that means anything to you) and the best thing is to switch all hormones off and not feed the endometriosis the hormones to grow.

I had severe endo really really bad, I could of had more surgery but didn't want that so opted for zoledex , originally I was planned for 6 months but ended up having 9 months.

The most important is add-back therapy which is HRT it is to protect the bones and oestoprysos from happening. Any expert will tell you that if you Google zoledex and add back therapy it will show up!

The smallest of add back therapy will help you.

The reason why you are having the hot flushes is because the female hormones are switched off (I'm sure you know this) so we go into menopause , which hot flushes is awful 😔 but this can be counter affected by HRT just a low dose and your GP absolutely should be recommending this. I've seen 6 different gyne doctors over the years all have said the same !

Unfortunately I had another laparoscopy two weeks as I had to have my tubes out but I had no endo! I had suspected endo since 97! And my periods were so severe and heavy I couldn't work and the pain was so bad! I stopped my zoledex dec 2014 and I am still endo clear .

So I know it's crappy but stay with it! But your GP needs to give you add back its so important to us! Low doses don't impact us

Good luck with everything, defiantly get femmerelle , amazing natural pills that helps with menopause symptoms x

All the best



I was first diagnosed is 2007 and have suffered since.

I had 6 injections over, these followed my surgery.

My gp is useless. Since the zoladex I have suffered with terrible hot flushes, not being able to sleep, and terrible pains in my legs like my bones are giving up on me. I've put lots of weight on too so it has knocked my confidence.

Never heard of femerelle. Hot flush as we speak.

jordan x


Yes the leg symptoms and weight and hot flushes are all as a result of not having add-back ie HRT . If you feel consistently knackered you definitely need the HRT ! Ask for a 25mg patch you have on for three days and then change! You will instantly feel better! Hang in there it's worth it .

Putting on weight is not a sign but I would imagine your Body is trying to work out what to do so is in hibernation mode

Please pleaee go back to GP and demand HRT!

I had to get a bit Arsy with my doctor to get my way and thank god I did otherwise things would be much much worse for me.

Femmerelle and try sage too !


I swear my Gp is fed up of me. I don't know what i would say for him to give me the HRT.

But i will go back and see him regarding my symptoms as i read zoladex can decrease bone intensity. . I'm work out all the time too, doesn't sit well with 12 hour shifts at work x



I had a full course of zoladex (no hrt) and found after my last injection it took around 5 months for my periods to return. The hot flushes slowly got less intense and less frequent but think it was around 3 months before the stopped completely

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Exactly same plan like me, I've just had my first 'period' well if u call it thT, private message me and I'll describe Hun. I still occasional have flushes, my consultant advised it's a waiting game to see if they will come back at all and how quickly the pain returns. Xx


I was told by my doctor I couldn't have HRT as the chance of me getting breast cancer was too high because of my hormone imbalance, I've been fighting for 8 years for them to take my ovaries and after seeing my consultant this week think I may have succeeded, I've been riddled with pain for 9 years putting me in hospital. I've been pain free during the injections but dreading what happens now I'm off them know in how I was before having the 4 cysts removed and partial laser treatment as the endo was too bad to fully remove.

is the first period as bad as its made out to be xxx


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