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Hi ladies, I am 8 weeks post op after a Total laparoscopic hysterectomy and double oopherectomy. I am feeling a lot better, no bleeding not in absolute agony anymore but I have a problem. A couple of weeks ago I think a big stitch fell out from inside when i was doing pelvic floor exercises, and since then I have had spasms in my vagina and really weird sensations down there. I also feel like I have a UTI but don't think I have. I was feeling so much better, and feel like I'm going backwards again. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so any advice would be appreciated. Thank you and hope you are all as well as you can be x x

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  • Hi,

    Did they take your cervix as well?

    If so,just go easy mate with the exercises,we all try too hard sometimes.

    You will be at least 3 months before i wld go too hard.

    The spasms cld be bowel,bladder or pelvic floor muscles letting you know they feel overworked.

    Give it a weeks rest and try again

    Rose xx

  • Thank you hun. Yes they took everything. Have managed to get appointment to see my surgeon today so will hopefully get it sorted. Hope your doing ok. Take care,

    Vanessa x x x

  • Hi glad you are doing well, I had same surgery as you last October, saw stitches when I went to the loo from about 6 weeks onwards think it's normal, but would check with your gp, my bladder has not been the same since surgery & get uti's & pubic pain, I was not ready to go back to work until 10 weeks after, can I ask did they give you hrt after surgery?

  • Hi hun thank you and glad to hear you are doing well. They had to move my bowel and bladder as they were stuck to adhesions, so wondering if that could be the problem. Am seeing surgeon today so hopefully he can tell me what's going on. I have Hrt patches, it's called Elleste and is very mild apparently. X x

  • Glad you got checked out & all ok, I ask about hrt as my surgeon would not let me take it for at least 3 mths after surgery, & when I did start it my endo pain came back within days so taken off hrt & told can't take it don't really know where to go from here!, have appt with my consultant in August but the flushes are getting to me! X

  • Thank you hun. He didn't want to start me on HRT straight away either, because he wanted everything to settle down before I started taking it. Apparently I had a belt of endo left on my bowel, which he couldn't remove so might have been that playing up. Can you not take some alternative medicine for the hot flushes? Evening promise.oil is supposed to be good. Hope you get sorted hun, take care x x

  • Hi Hun it would be worth getting check out in case over infection. Hope you're ok

  • Thank you Jean. Have managed to get an appointment to see surgeon today. In doing a lot better than I was before the surgery but it's just annoying with this problem now. Hope.your doing ok x x x

  • I'm ok Hun . Let me know how you get on .

  • It's all good Jean, have written what happened on this post xxx x

  • Hi, can't offer any advice sorry as I haven't yet had my op (having full pelvic clearance like you've had, hopefully by laparoscopy but turn into open surgery if they can't get in) but just wanted to say I hope you get some answers from the surgeon today. Good luck X

  • Thank you, really appreciate it and good luck with your op x x x

  • Right saw surgeon and its good news. No prolapse or infectio, have healed really well. It's where haven't been putting my HRT patches on low enough, below my waist and the Oestrogen hasn't been absorbing into the right parts. He has told me where to put them now, and has also given me some vaginal tablets with Oestrogen. I should start to feel better in about a week. Am very relieved it wasn't anything else. Thank you for all the comments x x xx

  • So glad all okay. Take care X

  • Thank you hun, you too x x

  • So glad you're ok Hun. It takes a while to get the hrt right.

    I was on livial to start with but it really didn't help at all, so changed to Elleste solo, which is working great for me.

    Patches were suggested but I tend to react to anything stuck to skin so decided against that. You should actually notice an improvement quite quickly. It literally took 48 hours for me to see a difference.

    Good luck Hun.

  • Hi Jean thank you. I'm on the Elleste solo patch and now I have moved it I am starting to feel a bit better down there. I don't know if it's the HRT but I'm feeling a bit angry and down in the dumps, can it do that do you know? X x

  • Yeah Hun, also you need to remember you've been through a lot ant it all takes its toll, so it's probably a combination of both. Things do settle down though. Hope you're ok .

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